Is League of Legends on Mac – Apple download explained

Is League of Legends on Mac – Apple download explained
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Wondering if League of Legends is on Mac?

With millions logging in each day, Riot Games’ MOBA title remains a juggernaut in the freemium space. It competes with Dota 2 for the throne now that Heroes of the Storm is no more. Mac and MacBook owners can join in on the fun too. Here’s how.

If you’re curious about just how many skins there are in League of Legends to earn, we’ve gone over those as well.

League of Legends Mac support explained

Yes, League of Legends has been available on Mac since March 2013. This version continues to receive the latest updates and support from developer Riot Games. This means that you’ll be able to play on both Intel Macs and Apple Silicon-based Mac devices.

The MacBook Air 2017, MacBook Pro, Mac mini, iMac, Mac Pro, and other Macs should have no trouble playing the acclaimed MOBA title from Riot Games. Note that MacOS 12 and 13 aren’t supported. As for MacOS 10.15, you need to revert to 10.14 to gain access to the game as the former has critical issues to be wary of. The only known fix is reverting to your previous 10.14 state. You can also choose to play the game via streaming services like GeForce Now.

An image of a purple vortex in the sky, representing an unknown force drawing objects towards its center.
An image of a purple vortex in the sky from a recent League of Legends Star Guardian event. Image from Riot Games.

How to run League of Legends with Apple Silicon

While the official League of Legends site recommends an Intel CPU, you can get it to run really well on Apple Silicon processors like the M1 as well. Most players will simply be able to run it directly on their Apple Silicon Macs. But some gamers need a workaround to get things going. In that case, here’s how to run League of Legends with Apple Silicon:

  • Right-click the game application and pick ‘Show package contents.’
  • Head to LoL/Config/game.cfg and open it with a text editor. This will only appear after you’ve played a single match of the game.
  • Now add ‘MetalBetaTest=1’ to the configs under [General] Save.

How to download League of Legends on Apple devices

Here’s a handy step-by-step guide to download League of Legends on Apple’s PCs:

  • Sign in or create a Riot account at the League of Legends account.
  • Next, select the ‘Download on Mac’ option when you’re taken to this website.
  • Open the file and ensure that you meet the system requirements.

Rosetta 2 helps with compatibility on Apple Silicon Macs

Ensure that you have this installed to minimize the chance of any potential issue.

League of Legends Mac system requirements

Here’s a table that covers the League of Legends system requirements for Apple devices.

ItemsMinimum SpecsRecommended Specs
CPUIntel: Core i5-750ARM: Not supportedIntel: Core i5-3300ARM: Not supported
CPU FeaturesSSE2SSE3
Intel: Intel HD 4600
AMD: Radeon HD 6950
Intel: Intel UHD 630
Free Storage Space12 GB HDD16 GB SSD
OS VersionsMacOS 10.13.6MacOS 11
OS Architecturex64x64
Recommended GFX SettingLowHigh
Recommended Resolution1024×7681920×1080

That covers League of Legends support for Apple’s ecosystem. If you’ve got a Mac or MacBook, dive into the game’s multiplayer right away and check out the latest champions and their reshuffled meta. Rosetta 2 is required for Apple Silicon Macs to run the game smoothly. Remember that SSDs will run the game better than a traditional hard drive. As for mobile devices, check out the online battle arena of League of Legends: Wild Rift. And if you’re tempted to try League of Legends Arena, read our primer on it first.

League of Legends Mac FAQ

What version of Mac does League of Legends support?

Version 11 is supported but 12 and 13 are not.

How much GB is League of Legends Mac?

The official site recommends 16 GB of storage space to handle the League of Legends Mac download size.