How to trade in Last Epoch – Item Factions, Resonance, and trading explained

How to trade in Last Epoch – Item Factions, Resonance, and trading explained
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Wondering how you can trade items in Last Epoch? If you’ve got an extra piece of gear you don’t want to keep, you might be able to get something you need for it by trading with another player.

With the full release of 1.0 for Last Epoch, trading has finally been implemented in the game for players to trade with others. 1.0 has brought tons of other content into the game, like being able to unlock new masteries, and Twitch Drops you can earn for your character. Trading is finally here for all players, but you need to know how it works. We’re here to show you.

How trading works in Last Epoch

To trade items in Last Epoch, you have to either join the Merchant’s Guild item faction or gather resonance. The Merchant’s Guild faction has a Bazaar hub where players can buy and sell items from other players, as well as trade player-to-player. Meanwhile, gathering Resonance allows you to trade items with friends and party members.

There is another item faction in Last Epoch, which is the Circle of Fortune. However, this item faction doesn’t allow players to trade and sell. Instead, you’ll be given the chance to earn higher-quality loot easier.

The two item factions in Last Epoch
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Let’s dive into both factions to see how they work.

Merchant’s Guild

The Merchant’s Guild item faction allows players to trade and sell loot. By joining it, as you continue to make progress in the game (earning EXP and completing quests), you’ll be able to earn Reputation with the faction and unlock new ways to trade with other players.

You’ll earn the most Reputation from trading with other players and participating in the Bazaar.

These are benefits, which you unlock as you increase your Rank and Reputation with the faction. You then use Favor, the currency in item factions, to unlock these benefits. You’ll also need to use Favor to list items or purchase them.

The Merchant’s Guild offers the following benefits:

  • Trade Basic Items (Rank 1)
  • Trade Set Items (Rank 2)
  • Trade Specific Unique Items (Rank 3)
  • Trade Idols (Rank 4)
  • Trade Exalted Weapons (Rank 5)
  • Trade Unique Weapons (Rank 6)
  • Trade All Exalted Items (Rank 7)
  • Trade All Unique Items (Rank 8)
  • Trade Legendary Weapons (Rank 9)
  • Trade All Legendary Items (Rank 10)

Circle of Fortune

The Circle of Fortune is the other item faction in the game, however this one does not allow for trading or selling loot. Instead, as players earn Reputation and unlock higher Ranks, you’ll unlock prophecies that grant you better loot as you play the game.

Favor is used to unlock these prophecies. Much like Merchant’s Guild, Favor can only be earned through killing enemies and completing quests.

Here are the prophecies you can unlock in Circle of Fortune:

  • Enemy Item Drop Chance (Rank 1)
  • Upgraded Rune of Ascendance (Rank 2)
  • Idol Drop Chance (Rank 3)
  • Exalted Affix Chance (Rank 4)
  • Monolith Echo Reward Upgrade (Rank 5)
  • Legendary Potential Chance (Rank 6)
  • Affix Chance (Rank 7)
  • Rare To Exalted Chance (Rank 8)
  • Full Set Drop Chance (Rank 9)
  • Prophecy Reward Upgrade (Rank 10)

You are able to switch item factions at any time, without losing Rank or Reputation with them.

For those not interested in trading

The Circle of Fortune faction was designed for player who aren’t interested in trading items. If you prefer to find loot organically during gameplay, and have no interest in buying and selling, this is the item faction for you.


The other way to trade is by using Resonances. These consumables can be used on an item to gift it to a friend or party member. You’ll need to play with the player you want to trade with for a good period of time before they drop, and once they do, you can only trade with that player.

Resonances come in two types: Obsidian Resonances, which allow you to trade Legendary and Exalted items, and Golden Resonances, which allow you to trade all other items.

That’s everything you need to know about how to trade in Last Epoch, including how item factions work and Resonances. Be sure to check out our alternate leveling path and full crafting guide so you’ll get the hang of Eleventh Hour’s new ARPG quicker.

Last Epoch trading FAQs

Do both item factions allow you trade?

No, only the Merchant’s Guild allows players to trade, or buy and sell items. Circle of Fortune grants prophecies for getting better drops instead.

Can you switch factions without penalty?

Yes, you are able to switch between the two factions at any time without losing progress for your Rank or Reputation with either.