Is Once Human coming to consoles? The answer is maybe

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With the July 9/10th release date for Once Human around the corner, many are hyped for the new mmolite builder survival game. With over 20 million pre-registered for mobile and PC launches, there’s a lot of buzz. However, if you’re a console player, then you may need to wait longer as it’s not entirely known if Once Human is coming to consoles or not.

Is Once Human coming to PS5 and Xbox?

At the time of writing, One Human is not coming to consoles, PS5 or Xbox. However, there have been decisions and discussions regarding a mobile and console launch in the past.

So far the official stance is if Starry Studio has plans for a fully supported console version, then they’ll announce so on social media and via blog posts. You can see this over on the Once Human X account.

There are many demands for Once Human to come to both the PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X|S. And, it’s something that the developers are looking into. Back in the early beta test dates, there was talk about working on a mobile and console version of the game. And, as of the time of writing, only the mobile version has been announced alongside PC versions. 

In addition, based on the official press kit sent to press, a console version for both Xbox and Playstation is still To Be Announced. So, there are no guarantees that a console release of Once Human will ever come. However, with the evidence that mobile was in that category and is getting a release at the same time as PC, then chances are that a console launch of Once Human may happen.

If you don’t own a PC capable of running Once Human, you can try and play it on mobile to get your fix if you’re a console player currently out of luck.

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