How to Get a Parrot Off Your Shoulder in Minecraft

How to Get a Parrot Off Your Shoulder in Minecraft
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Did you know that you can carry parrots on your should in Minecraft? Even though this feature is small, it still makes someone’s day better, and can play the game for days! But have you ever wondered how to get a parrot off your shoulder in Minecraft? We’ll show you how!

5 methods to Get a Parrot Off Your Shoulder in Minecraft

Sometimes you may want to get a parrot off your shoulder real quick! Whether you need to go to a dangerous place or just simply don’t want to bring it with you, we got you covered!

Method 1: Drop Off a Block

The simplest way to get a parrot off your shoulder is to fall off any block. The parrot can still stay on your shoulder if the fall distance is less than 0.75 blocks. You can achieve this block height by building with a slab and 2 snow layers, or 6 snow layers, or other special blocks like daylight sensor, flower pot, cake, cauldron, and more!

Method 2: Take Damage

Another simple method to get the parrot off is by taking damage. This means any kind of damage! From mob attack, damage from potions, fall damage, damage from the environment, other players, and more!

Method 3: Go Swimming

As long as your feet touch the water or you start drowning, the parrot will fly off your shoulder. So to transport the parrot oversea, you can let it teleport to you or use a boat.

Method 4: Sleeping

Sleeping on a bed also causes a parrot to get off your shoulder. Remember that this method is only doable at night when there are no mobs nearby or under a thunderstorm.

Method 5: Swim in Lava

Even though the parrot won’t take any damage while it’s on your shoulder, they start taking damage immediately after getting off. So make sure you don’t fall into a lava lake with a parrot on your shoulder!

That’s all about how to get rid of your parrots! Despite the fact that there are many methods to do so, jumping or changing your Y coordinate is the fastest way to get a parrot off your should in Minecraft!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you need to have a parrot on your shoulder in Minecraft?

Besides fun purposes, you can hear the parrot imitate other mobs more clearer. Also, a parrot on a shoulder in Bedrock Edition will prevent the player from entering the Nether. It’s a good way to remind you to prepare things before entering this dimension.

Can parrots dance on your shoulder in Minecraft?

Only in Bedrock Edition, parrots can dance while on the player’s shoulder.

Is close the game making parrots get off your shoulder?

No, even if you close the game and re-open the world, the parrots are still magically on your shoulder.