10 Best Dark Type Pokémon in Scarlet and Violet

10 Best Dark Type Pokémon in Scarlet and Violet
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Typically nocturnal Pokémon have a cold aura to them, and there is one type that is often associated with these ideas. Dark-type Pokémon are often related to taboo and negative societal ideologies. Still, with such an infamous background, Dark-type Pokémon are one of the most interesting types to play with.

The Paldea region is filled with interesting Pokémon, including some great Dark-type Pokémon. Some classics return to the series, and there are a handful of new ones as well; here’s our list of the best Dark-type Pokémon.

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10.     Grimmsnarl

Sp. Atk.95
Sp. Def.75

Abilities: Frisk, Pickpocket, and Prankster  

A splendid Pokémon with its hair wrapped around its body, Grimmsnarl has complete control over his hair which works like muscle fibers. This Pokémon doesn’t let go of its trickery even after it evolves. Its most robust strength might be its Prankster ability. Grimmsnarl works impressively as a screen setter creating defensive barriers for your team and crippling the opponents with moves like Thunderwave. Grimmsnarl has excellent Dark Fairy typing, which allows it to stay in the battle for a while. It does not need to Terastallize and has a great Attack stat if you want to launch direct hits.

9.     Umbreon

Sp. Atk.60
Sp. Def.130

Abilities: Inner Focus and Synchronize

One of the most popular eveelutions, Umbreon, is a bulky wall of defense that breaks its opponent’s momentum. This Dark-type Pokémon secretes poisonous sweat, which it sprays on its opponents and bathes in the moonlight. Umbreon can be the Pokémon you need in challenging situations; it is a sturdy wall that boasts excellent defense. Even with low Attacking stats, Umbreon can slowly chip away, or even 2 Hit KO many strong Pokémon. It can also Terastallize into a Fairy type, which allows Umbreon to gain fewer weaknesses than before.

8.     Meowscarada

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Best Dark Type
Sp. Atk.81
Sp. Def.70

Abilities: Overgrow and Protean

A fan-favorite starter of the newest generation that turns into a Grass Dark type powerhouse, Meowscarada is a strike first talks later Pokémon. Even though it has many weaknesses, it will only lose if it lets the opponent attack; boasting great Attack and Speed stats, Meowscarada always hits fast. What makes this Pokémon so deadly is its special move, “Flower Trick,” which is 70 base power and always results in a critical hit. Knock-off helps it fend off other Pokémon, which makes this starter a unique Pokémon to pick at the beginning of the game.    

7.     King Gambit

Sp. Atk.60
Sp. Def.85

Abilities: Defiant, Pressure, and Supreme Overlord.

A Pokémon that stands above all Bisharp, King Gambit was a surprise addition to the Pokémon roster. It can be obtained by defeating three Bisharp holding a leader’s crest. It has excellent typing, which gives it nine resistances and two immunities. King Gambit also has a remarkable ability, “Supreme Overlord,” which increases its Attacking stats for every Pokémon that faints on its team. It is a great Pokémon that can always get your team out of a challenging situation; watch out for Fighting type moves since they hit hard.

6.     Chi Yu

Sp. Atk.135
Sp. Def.120

Abilities: Beads of Ruin

Chi Yu is Pokémon formed through conflicts and is a Pokémon of the Treasures of Ruin, Legendary Pokémon. Even though it has a weak health stat, it also reduces its opponents’ Special defense stats by 0.25% with its ability “Beads of Ruin .”A solid Special attacker and a versatile setter, this Dark-Fire type Pokémon can be used in many ways, from setting Nasty Plot to sweeping the entire team. You will have to complete a side quest to reach these Pokémon, and you can only have one, but this isn’t the best one to get for a Dark type.

5.     Chien Pao

Sp. Atk.90
Sp. Def.65

Abilities: Sword of Ruin  

Chien Pao is arguably the best Pokémon to get from the Treasures of Ruin; this Pokémon has excellent stats, good typing, and fantastic design. The swords hanging from its mouth represent its origin; it was born from the hatred of those who perished by it. That’s not all there is to this Pokémon; it’s one of the fastest Pokémon in the game and hits hard with a fantastic Attack stat. Chien Pao also has the ability Sword of Ruin which lowers the defense stat of all other Pokémon, making it a tough match for anyone on the field.

4.     Iron Jugulis

Sp. Atk.122
Sp. Def.80

Abilities: Quark Drive

Iron Jugulis is a Paradox Pokémon that represents the future and can only be obtained in Pokémon Violet. There’s little known about this Dark Flying-type Pokémon except that it hits hard and quickly takes out opponents. Iron Jugulis is the future metallic version of Hydregion. It is an amazing Pokémon that can easily take out its opponents. It can use Hurricane and Dark Pulse to defeat most opponents and use moves like U-turn to make strategic retreats. Still, it’s not the best Paradox Dark-type Pokémon that will be on this list.

3.     Hydreigon

Sp. Atk.125
Sp. Def.90

Abilities: Levitate

Surpassing its Paradox form on this list primarily because of its typing, Hydregion is a great all-rounder that can hold its own in solid fights. This Dark-type Pokémon is fierce and brutal in all accords, which also helps add flare to its exceptional Special Attacking abilities. Dark and Fire-type Terrastalizationallow it to shift the game and damage Pokemon they would be weak to, which makes this Pokémon a Dark-type force to be reckoned with.

2.     Tyranitar

Sp. Atk.95
Sp. Def.100

Abilities: Sand Stream and Unnerve

Tyranitar is a blast from the past that has been blasting its way through every team and the competitive scene since its inception. From summoning sand storms to its bulky defensive build, Tyranitar is a force on the battlefield. While it used to suffer from many weaknesses, even though it hit hard,  Tyranitar had to be careful of many foes on the battlefield. That is no longer a problem with Terrastilization; not only does it remove its weaknesses, but with the ability to learn moves like Fire Punch and Earthquake, Tyranitar is more difficult to take out than ever, and that’s why it’s number two on our list.      

1. Roaring Moon

Sp. Atk.55
Sp. Def.101

Abilities: Protosynthesis

The best Dark-type Pokémon and the best Paradox Pokémon on this list is the ancient version of Salamence, Roaring Moon. Insane stats and the ability coupled with the held item “Booster Energy” make it unstoppable. Roaring Moon can set up Dragon Dance to up the antics and Sweep even bulky defensive walls. With versatile Tera Types  Roaring Moon is a Pokémon you don’t want to battle. The chances to defeat it is slim especially at best and that is if you manage to land a hit on it; it has one of the highest speed stats in the game. There’s a reason why this Pokémon was banned from competitive play, and that’s why it is the best Dark-type Pokémon on this list which you can only obtain from the Scarlet version of the game.

Final Thoughts

Dark type Pokémon were first introduced in the second generation to counter the overpowered Psychic type and have stuck with us ever since. Dark-type Pokémon are often misunderstood and associated with adverse outcomes or worldly events and circumstances. Still, it is that energy that adds charm to their existence. Dark-type Pokémon are amazing, and with great lore pushing most of these Pokémon forward, I can’t wait to see what else they have in store for us.

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