How many Pokémon are there in 2022?

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There’s Pikachu and Charizard, right?

In all seriousness, how many pokemon are there? It is a complicated question that used to be very simple; 151, we all know the song. As we get excited for new, cute and cool Pokémon and their epic transformations, the number of Pokémon keeps rising. For the average person, there are formally 905 Pokémon currently registered with the Pokédex. Still, it’s a bit more complicated if you’re an avid Pokémon enjoyer like myself. Pokémon Scarlet and Violet are right around the corner, and we have seen a few new Pokémon.

With the introductions of Mega Evolutions, Gigantimax, and regional forms, the variations and designs of Pokémon, including their move set and typing, change accordingly, and this does not include the gender differences or the standard forms of Pokémon.

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Pokémon – By Generations

Generation I: This is where Pocket Monsters began. Rhydon was the first Pokémon ever made, and it only escalated from there. Pokémon Red and Green took the world by storm. It announced the original 151, with the final number being the infamous Mew, and that’s a whole other story in itself.

Generation II: What was next for the series? Well, go bigger and better. The formula worked, and the new generation introduced 100 new Pokémon. One of the most prominent additions, which some argue are the best Legendries, were introduced, Ho-Oh, Lugia, and the legendary beasts – let’s not call them dogs – Raikou, Entei, and Suicune. Gold and Silver games featured two regions; it’s safe to say Pokémon was thriving.

Generation III: Now, this is where the anime picked up speed, and the fans wanted more. Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald brought Groudon and Kyogre to the mix with the Legend Rayquaza. That wasn’t all; the game also featured mystery gifts and secret movements to unlock Regiice, Regirock, and Registeel. It was a solid entry that added another 135 Pokémon to the mix.

Generation IV: Many argue that this was the best generation; the starters were excellent, the anime had the perfect formula, and Sinnoh added 107 new Pokémon. We were introduced to the lore of Arceus, Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina. The Pokémons were unique and fun, especially the new evolutions. My favorite was the Eveeloutions. The new Pokémon were fun, but some are well, you know? Like Drifloon, who takes away with small children, look it up; it’s true. This anime and game introduced a new Generation to Pokémon and succeeded tremendously.

Generation V: It added the most Pokémon in a while; 156. They featured a lot of new innovative things, including design choices that all the fans loved. Black and White 2 are regarded as one of the best mainline Pokémon games.

Generation VI: The anime for X and Y might be my favorite of all the series. It featured an epic storyline, and the characters were fun and witty, especially Serena, who is loved by almost the entire fandom. The series introduced 72 new Pokémon, but the main selling point was Mega Evolution.

Generation VII: Sun and Moon went for innovation, introducing new forms of Pokémon like the Alolan Executor with large necks, 88 new Pokémon were added to the roster. This was a time for a change for the series, and it tried a bunch of new things, especially Ultra Beasts. The introductions of variations were the main point of this generation, and it changed the formula quite a bit.

Generation VIII: The Galar region introduced 89 new Pokémon, and Legends Arceus threw a curve ball, introducing seven new Pokémon and showing previous ancient forms of Pokémon. It is a bit confusing, but the generation also added Gigantimax forms which we’ll get to later on. The legendaries weren’t anything to write home about, but it was a solid addition. The changed forms of Zapdos, Articuno, and Moltress were enjoyable and fantastic. It was okay addition to the series, but what we’re honestly waiting for is Generation IX.

Now that makes 905 Pokémon, but from the latest showcase, we can understand that the three starters and their evolutions, along with other Pokémon make a total of 922 Pokémon as of today. Let’s talk about the various designs and categories of Pokémon, starting with the Legendary Pokémon.

Pokémon Legendaries

These are a group of very rare Pokémon, including some that are one of a kind like Dialga, Palkia, or the infamous Mewtwo. They are powerful, having profound lore and prominent myths in the Pokémon world. They help shape the world or keep it safe. Nothing else defines a legendary Pokémon other than the way the games categorize them, or the anime features them in a special episode or movie.

There are currently 63 legendary Pokémon, including the two from the Paldea region in Generation IX. Legendary Pokémon has always been a series staple and bring excitement to the games by region. The legendries are:


  1. Articuno
  2. Zapdos
  3. Moltres
  4. Mewtwo


5.       Suicune

6.       Entei

7.       Raikou

8.       Lugia

9.       Ho – Oh


10.   Regirock

11.   Registeel

12.   Regice

13.   Latios

14.   Latias

15.   Groudon

16.   Kyogre

17.   Rayquaza


18.   Azelf

19.   Mesprit

20.   Uxie

21.   Dialga

22.   Palkia

23.   Giratina

24.   Cresselia

25.   Heatran

26.   Regigigas


27.   Cobalion

28.   Terrakion

29.   Virizion

30.   Tornadus

31.   Thundurus

32.   Landorus

33.   Zekrom

34.   Reshiram

35.   Kyurem

36.   Enamorus; was introduced in Legends: Arceus, and we don’t know his current status in the Pokémon world.


37.   Xerneas

38.   Yveltal

39.   Zygarde


40.   Type: Null

41.   Silvally

42.   Tapu Koko

43.   Tapu Bulu

44.   Tapu Fini

45.   Tapu Lele

46.   Cosmog

47.   Cosmoem

48.   Necrozma

49.   Solgaleo

50.   Lunala.


51.   Zacian

52.   Zamazenta

53.   Eternatus

54.   Kubfu

55.   Urshifu

56.   Regieleki

57.   Regidrago

58.   Clayrex

59.   Galarian Articuno

60.   Galarian Zapdos

61.   Galarian Moltres

62.   Glastrier

63.   Spectrier.

Mythical Pokémon

These might be the rarest Pokémon out there, with many in the Pokémon world not even sure about their existence. This includes the infamous mew we all believe was under that truck in Pokémon Red. Until generation V in the West, legendries and mythical Pokémon were regarded as the same. Still, afterward, it’s been made more explicit. Mythical Pokémon are usually received through a mystery gift or other special events. They are not part of the game’s story but have distinct lore behind them. You don’t need a mythical Pokémon to complete the Pokédex. There are 22 Mythical Pokémon in total.


1.       Mew


2.       Celebi


3.       Jirachi

4.       Deoxys


5.       Manaphy

6.       Phione

7.       Darkrai

8.       Shaymin

9.       Arceus


10.   Victini

11.   Keldeo

12.   Meloetta

13.   Genesect


14.   Diancle

15.   Hoopa

16.   Volcanion.


17.   Magerana

18.   Marshadow

19.   Zeraora

20.   Meltan

21.   Melmetal


22.   Zarude

Ultra Beasts

Now, this is where the series started experimenting a bit. I guess they belong in the legendary category, but honestly, I just feel like these are strong normal Pokémon, and the Pokédex doesn’t lie. They enter through extra dimensions, and we don’t know much about them. Some might consider them legendary, but I don’t think I will ever understand them.

Ultra Beasts

1.       Poipole

2.       Naganadel

3.       Guzzlord

4.       Stakataka

5.       Blacephalon

6.       Kartana

7.       Xurkitree

8.       Celesteela

9.       Pheromosa

10.   Nihilego

11.   Buzzwole

Now that we’ve got the categories out of the way let’s get into what we know about the variations. Even the same Pokémon come in different forms, including gender differences, like how the male Rhydon’s horn is larger than the female or how the male Xatu has three lines on its body and the female has two. Some Pokémon have various versions that would exist due to the process of evolution. We will discuss all of them, including other forms of transformation as well.

Basic Pokémon Forms

Pokémon come in all shapes and forms, even the same ones. Many can transform into different types, and others have fixed attributes. These forms can either be purely cosmetic like Vivillon or have small type differences like Burmy and its Wormadam evolutions. Pokémon like Unown come in 28 forms, where Shellos is the same, but its color varies by East and West Sea. This is all done without taking into account the Shiny variants; safe to say, even if their forms vary, the Pokémon remains the same. The Pokémon that have basic form differences are:

PokémonForm and Variation
UnownIt has a total of 28 forms
CastformApart from its original form, it has 3 other weather forms.
DeoxysIt has 4 forms relating to battle formations.
BurmyIt has 3 forms depending on where you find it.
WormadamThe type of Burmy changes Wormadams evolved form.
CherrimIt has its overcast and Sunshine form.
ShellosHas two colors ranging from the sides of the sea.
GastrodonSimilar to Shellos.
DialgaOrigin orb changes its appearance.
PalkiaOrigin orb changes its appearance.
GiratinaOrigin orb changes its appearance.
ShayminIt has its base form and flight form.
ArceusIt can change its typing and its color changes accordingly.
BasculinIt comes in two colors and in the past was white.
DarmanitanIt has its normal mode and Zen mode.
DeerlingIt has forms according to the seasons.
SawsbuckIt’s the base Deerling’s evolution.
TornadusIt has its base form then its Therian form.
ThunderousIt has its base form then its Therian form.
LandorousIt has its base form then its Therian form.
EnamorusIt has its base form then its Therian form.
KyuremIt has both Black and White forms.
KeldeoIt has a base form and a Resolute form.
MeloettaIt has an Aria and a Pirouette Form.
GenesectIt has a total of 5 forms.
VivillonIt has a total of 20 different design patterns.
FlabebeIt has 5 colored flower forms.
FloetteIt is similar to Flabebe.
FlorgesIt is similar to Floette.
FurfrouIt can be designed many ways in reality but it has 10 forms in the game.
ZygardeIt has a cell form and 3 battle ready forms.
HoopaIt has a base form and a battle form.
OricorioIt has 4 forms depending on the style it takes which change it’s typing.
LycanrocIt has 3 forms depending on its evolution.
WishiwashiIt has two forms.
SilvallyIts form changes with its typing.
MinorIt has a Meteor form and a Core form.
NecrozmaIt has 4 forms. It absorbs Solgaleo and Lunala to achieve the other forms.
MageranaIt has two colors, the new one and the original design.
ToxtricityIt has two variants.
AlcremieIt has 9 forms with 7 variants from each creating 63 designs.
EiscueIt has an Ice face and a Noice face (lol).
MorpekoIt has a Full belly mode and a Hangry mode.
ZacianIt has 2 forms.
ZamazentaIt has 2 forms.
EternatusIt has two variants.
UrshifuIt has two variants
ZarudeIt has a base form and a Dada form.
ClayrexIt has 3 forms
LunalaIt has two forms
SolgaleoIt has two forms
GroudonIt has a base form and a Primal form
KyogreIt has a base form and a Primal form

Regional Forms

Pokémon species separated from the rest in certain environmental conditions evolve differently by developing unique traits. These were introduced in the Alola region in Pokémon Sun and Moon and have also become a staple of the series. Alolan Sandshrew and Galarian Corsola are great examples, these Pokémon have similar characteristics, but their type and abilities, including their stats, might differ.


1.       Rattata

2.       Raticate

3.       Raichu

4.       Sandshrew

5.       Sandslash

6.       Vulpix

7.       Ninetales

8.       Diglett

9.       Dugtrio

10.   Meowth

11.   Persian

12.   Geodude

13.   Graveler

14.   Golem

15.   Grimer

16.   Exeggutor

17.   Marowak


1.       Meowth

2.       Ponyta

3.       Rapidash

4.       Farfetch’d

5.       Weezing

6.       Mr. Mime

7.       Corsola

8.       Zigzagoon

9.       Linoone

10.   Darumaka

11.   Darmanitan

12.   Yamask

13.   Stunfisk

14.   Slowpoke

15.   Slowbro

16.   Articuno

17.   Zapdos

18.   Moltress

19.   Slowking


1.       Growlithe

2.       Voltorb

3.       Electrode

4.       Typhlosion

5.       Qwilfish

6.       Sneasel

7.       Samurott

8.       Lilligant

9.       Basculin

10.   Zorua

11.   Zoroark

12.   Braviary

13.   Sliggoo

14.   Goodra

15.   Avalugg

16.   Decidueye.

We don’t know if these forms still exist, though, since Hsui was shown as a time in the past, and many Pokémon like Voltorb have evolved from then.

Paldea: As of right now, we only know of Wooper, but we will surely see more when the game releases.

Mega Evolutions

They are taking the Evolution tree one step further, evolving the Pokémon temporarily into a much stronger form. The Pokémon and trainer require a keystone and a Mega stone specific to that Pokémon. The only Pokémon that doesn’t need the mega stone or a trainer is Rayquaza. These forms change the design and shape of the Pokémon, along with its stats and typing. There are a total of 46 Pokémon as of now capable of Mega evolving and 48 total forms.

1.       Venusaur

2.       Charizard (Two Forms)

3.       Blastoise

4.       Alakazam

5.       Gengar

6.       Kangaskhan

7.       Pinsir

8.       Gyarados

9.       Aerodactyl

10.   Mewtwo (Two forms)

11.   Ampharos

12.   Scizor

13.   Heracross

14.   Houndoom

15.   Tyranitar

16.   Blaziken

17.   Gardevoir

18.   Mawile

19.   Aggron

20.   Medicham

21.   Manectric

22.   Banette

23.   Absol

24.   Latias

25.   Latios

26.   Garchomp

27.   Lucario

28.   Abomasnow

29.   Beedrill

30.   Pidgeot

31.   Slowbro

32.   Steelix

33.   Sceptile

34.   Swampert

35.   Sableye

36.   Sharpedo

37.   Camerupt

38.   Altaria

39.   Salamence

40.   Metagross

41.   Rayquaza

42.   Lopunny

43.   Gallade

44.   Audino

45.   Diancie  


It is a new form taken by Pokémon under particular circumstances in a special arena under a power spot. It increases the size of the Pokémon and changes its design dramatically for some Pokémon. It was introduced in Pokémon Sword and Shield; it adds new G-max moves and worked to introduce G-Max Raid Battles in the game. Suppose a Pokémon does not have a Gigantimax form; it Dynamaxes, which just increases its size. It’s not the best addition to the game, but it’s something to chew on. There are 32 Pokémon capable of Gigantimaxing.

1.       Charizard

2.       Butterfree

3.       Pikachu

4.       Meowth

5.       Machamp

6.       Gengar

7.       Kingler

8.       Snorlax

9.       Eevee

10.   Lapras

11.   Snorlax

12.   Garbodor

13.   Melmetal

14.   Corviknight

15.   Orbeetle

16.   Drednaw

17.   Flapple

18.   Appletun

19.   Sandaconda

20.   Toxtricity

21.   Hatterene

22.   Grimmsnarl

23.   Alcremie

24.   Copperajah

25.   Duraludon

26.   Venasaur

27.   Blastoise

28.   Rillaboom

29.   Cinderace

30.   Inteleon

31.   Urshifu (Both forms).

Final Thoughts

According to the Pokémon universe, we know of 922 Pokémon. That’s because even if the forms, variations, and designs of some Pokémon change, their base characteristics remain the same, and that’s what makes a Pokémon what it is. Alolan Vulpix lives in snowy peaks, very different from normal Vulpix, but they both possess the same characteristics. But if we go further into it, there are a total of 405 variations and forms of Pokémon, making the total design variations 1328.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does Ash’s Greninja come in?

It’s Grenninja’s special ability, Battle bond. Now some believe it to be a variation of form. The move increases the base stats of the Pokémon and technically works as Mega Evolution.

Why are regional variants not separate Pokémon?

This is due to the shape, characteristics, and behavior of these Pokémon. The process of evolution changed the shape, typing, and even behavior of a few of them. Still, it also showed something fascinating; some regional forms are the original ones.

How many Pokémon will there be?

We don’t know, but the franchise is thriving, and sales are going through the roof. Game Freak is changing the formula, and everyone’s excited about what’s new to offer. Generation IX just introduced Terrastalizing, which enhances and changes typing of Pokémon.

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