Hades 2 predicted release date, technical test, trailers, and Early Access window

Hades 2 predicted release date, technical test, trailers, and Early Access window
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Hades 2 release date when?

  • The Hades 2 full release date is currently unknown.
  • The Steam Early Access launch of Hades 2 has a release window of Q2 2024.
  • We expect to see the game leave Early Access in 2025.

Supergiant Games has now given the community an idea of when the Hades 2 release date will be following its revelation of an impending early-access period. Though the developers haven’t provided a definitive launch window yet, many are eager to get their hands on the highly anticipated follow-up to the critically acclaimed dungeon-crawling RPG. So, if you’re as excited as we are to defy the gods and battle your way through the different circles of hell once again, here’s when you can start playing it.

Hades 2 release date prediction

The Hades 2 release date is still unknown. With this in mind, Supergiant has announced a window for the Early Access launch, which will not be the full game. In the meantime, we must be getting close to that Early Access launch as the devs are setting up a technical test that will let you play ahead of launch.

If we had to guess, we expect that Hades 2 will be released out of Early Access in 2025 or later. We are basing this off how Supergiant handled the release of the first Hades, with that game being in Early Access for about two years before the full release. But, like always, you will need to take this information with the necessary amount of salt as the developers have not confirmed it yet.

Hades 2 early access start date

The Hades 2 early access start date will take place during Q2 2024 for Steam and the Epic Games Store on PC. This means you can experience an all-new hellish adventure at some point between April and June, barring any unforeseen setbacks. Unfortunately, it seems Supergiant Games’ next entry will essentially mirror their initial instalment’s pre-release period, so there likely won’t be an early access phase for other gaming platforms.

Two cartoon characters standing in front of a planet, awaiting the Hades 2 release date.
We’ll play as a new character in Hades 2. Image via Supergiant Games

It is worth noting that the developers will hold the Hades 2 early access period simultaneously on Steam and Epic Games Store instead of only being available on the latter platform like it was with 2020’s Hades. This means that you’ll be able to choose between either of these two gaming services instead of Supergiant Games only limiting you to selecting one.

Hades 2 pre-release technical test

Supergiant Games has also revealed that it will hold a closed technical test ahead of the planned early access period in Q2 2024. Unlike early access, the technical test will only be available to a select few, though the game’s developer has yet to specify how they’ll select the participants. Their blog post states:

“The purpose of this test will be to find and solve any technical or compatibility issues we might have missed, to ensure anyone who tries Hades 2 in Early Access can have a smooth play experience.”

How to join the Hades 2 technical test

Announced in April 2024, Supergiant Games is hosting a technical test for Hades 2. This test phase lets people join and play the game even earlier than the Early Access launch on Steam. To join this technical test, simply follow these steps to be in for a chance to play Hades 2 early:

  1. Go to the Hades 2 Steam page.
  2. Select the option that says ‘Request Access’. This option is found under the images and reads: “Join the Hades II Playtest”
  3. Supergiant Games will be in touch with those selected to participate.
Hades 2 release date technical test: official artwork of Hades 2 shows two shadowy characters
Join the technical test on Steam. Image: Supergiant Games

At the moment, we don’t know how long the technical test will run for, nor do we know it’s start date. All the information we have to go on is from this tweet from the developers.

Hades 2 release date FAQs

Is Hades 2 coming in 2024?

Hades 2 Early Access is scheduled for 2024, but the full release won’t be until after 2025 by our guess.

Is Zagreus going to be in Hades 2?

Yes, Zagreus will likely be featured in Hades 2, as the game’s protagonist, Melinoe, is his half-sister.