How to register as a CEO in GTA 5 Online – SecuroServ CEO guide

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Are you wondering how to register as a CEO in Grand Theft Auto 5 online? Whether you want to be a SecuroServ CEO or register as the boss of a Motorcycle Club, we have your back. Just remember that you will be a VIP after this.

If you are curious about being a boss, you might also want to know if you can sell properties in GTA Online. You might also want to know how to sell vehicles in GTA Online.

Being the boss means that you have access to a lot more of what Grand Theft Auto Online has to offer. Are you ready to hit the streets of Los Santos?

GTA Online – How to register as a CEO or Boss

If you want to register as a CEO, you first need to purchase an executive office building. The cheapest of these buildings is $1,000,000 and can be found on the Dynasty 8 Executive website. Once you have selected your office building, set up your business.

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With your business set up, you can now register as a VIP. If you decide to purchase a Motorcycle Club or other business venture, you can also register as a boss using this method. Follow these steps to register as a VIP:

  1. Open the interaction menu
  2. Select the register as a boss option
  3. Select which boss you want to register as
    • SecuroServ CEO
    • Motorcycle Club President (MC President)
  4. Select the start an organization option
    • You can also choose if you are looking for people to join you
  5. Live the life of a CEO
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Now that you are a boss, you can hire other players to help you complete missions or you can simply run your business ventures solo.

Benefits of being a CEO or Boss in GTA Online

There are plenty of benefits of being a CEO. These include:

  • The ability to hire associates
  • Complete VIP work
  • Access to CEO abilities
  • Access to CEO vehicles
  • Special VIP missions and VIP challenges
  • Ability to run other businesses such as the nightclub, special cargo, warehouses, and more

As a CEO or Boss, you can run many business ventures. You also need to register as a CEO or MC President to run heists.

Pay your friends

While registered as a CEO, SecuroServ will pay anyone who you hire as an associate. This is a way to get your friends some passive income while they complete missions with you.

That is everything you need to know about being a CEO in GTA Online. Be sure to check out how to complete heists in GTA Online. You can also check out how to increase your strength in GTA Online.

GTA Online CEO – FAQ

What do you need to become a CEO in GTA Online?

To become a CEO, you need to purchase an office building from the Dynasty8 Executive website.

What benefits does being a CEO have in GTA Online?

CEOs are able to complete special missions, work on business ventures, and more.

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