How to win the car in GTA 5 Casino – win the GTA Online podium vehicle

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Are you wondering how to win the car in the GTA 5 Casino? The podium vehicle is the grand prize on the wheel if you manage to land on it. Often, the vehicle on this podium is worth a minimum of one million dollars. That is a lot of cash. While you can’t sell the car for the amount it’s worth, it is always good to have bragging rights and a free car.

There’s a lot to do in GTA Online. Be sure to know how to start a heist in GTA online. You might also want to know if you can play GTA Online solo. When it comes to the Diamond Casino, winning can be difficult. Let’s break down how you can cheat the system. Here is how to win the GTA Online Podium Vehicle.

How to win the GTA Online podium vehicle

There is a simple method you can use to win the podium vehicle and it is called the nine-to-six method. This method is used by many to guarantee themselves to get the vehicle or at least get close to it. When you walk up to the wheel, count a second and then move the left joystick on your controller to the left and swing it down slowly to the bottom. Think of it like a clock face and you are putting the joystick in the 9 o’clock position and moving it down to the 6 o’clock position.

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While this method isn’t guaranteed to get you the vehicle every time, we have to admit that it seems to reward it more often than not. We have gotten the podium vehicle around four or five times using this method. If you fail to get the car, you can always quit out of the game and load back in. There is a slight delay between when you win and the game updating. If you close out the app before the game updates, it won’t save your prize, allowing you to try again.

Chance of winning

The chance of winning the podium vehicle without any special method is 1 in 25. This means that you should win the vehicle at least once for every 25 times you play. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always mean that you will win the vehicle. Using this method increases your odds of winning dramatically and reseting the game means you can theoretically win every time.

That is everything you need to know to win yourself the podium vehicle. Best of luck this time around on getting that sought-after prize. Be sure to also check out how to increase your strength in GTA Online. You can also check out the fastest cars in GTA Online.

GTA Online podium vehicle – FAQ

How often does the podium vehicle change in GTA Online?

The vehicle changes once per week when the weekly update happens.

Can you win the vehicle more than once in a week?

No. Once you win the vehicle, you cannot win it a second time in the same week.

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