FC 24 Pacey Protector Evolution – How to complete and best players to upgrade

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If you’re already on FC 24 Ultimate Team then you will be wondering who to use in the Pacey Protector Evolution. The objective lets you transform a center-back into a speedy beast! 

The FC 24 release date is almost here, with fans getting on the latest game through FC 24 early access. The FC 24 Nike Mad Ready promo has brought us some objectives to complete too, which you can double up with your Evolutions. Take a look at our guide to the Pacey Protector Evolution in FC 24 Ultimate Team below.

How to complete Pacey Protector Evolution

Completing the Pacey Protector Evolution in FC 24 Ultimate Team will take a minimum of five matches to complete. There are two levels to the Evolutions, each with its own upgrade. 

Level 1 – Overall +1, Pace +7, Passing +3, Defending +3

  • Win 2 Squad Battles (or Rivals/Champions) matches on minimum Semi-Pro difficulty, using your active EVO player in the game.

Level 2 – Overall +1, Pace +8, Passing +3, Physical +5

  • Win 3 Squad Battles (or Rivals/Champions) matches on minimum Semi-Pro difficulty, using your active EVO player in the game.

Expiry Date: October 8

Best players to upgrade in Pacey Protector Evolution

Completing this Evolution will see your player receive a whopping +15 boost to their Pace, +6 Passing, +5 Physical, and +3 Defending attributes. They will also receive a +2 overall.

The player you pick for this upgrade must fit the following criteria:

Attribute CategoryRequirements
OverallMaximum 80
PaceMaximum 65
PassingMaximum 75
DefendingMaximum 84
PhysicalMaximum 84

Take a look at who we recommend below.

Giorgio Chiellini (OVR 80) 

On stats alone, Giorgio Chiellini looks to be the best pick for the Pacey Protector Evolution. The Italian already has great defensive and physical abilities, with his base Pace rating just on the cusp of requirements. The only downside of selecting him is the MLS link. If you play enough Italians to get him on max chemistry in your starting squad, definitely pick Chiellini! 

Kurt Zouma (OVR 79) 

Now to someone with great chemistry ability, with Kurt Zouma linking to Premier League and French players. The upgrade would give the West Ham player awesome 98 Strength, with all his defending stats going to 80+. The downside to selecting him is the huge split between his Acceleration and Sprint Speed attributes. 

Gabriel Paulista (OVR 78) 

If you’re running a LaLiga Starter Squad or play plenty of Brazilians, then Gabriel Paulista is a top choice to use for this Evolution. Once upgraded, it will only be 79 Acceleration and 79 Stamina that sit under 80 throughout all his pace, defending, and physicality stats. 

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