FC 24 FUT Fantasy Tracker and Upgrades

FC 24 FUT Fantasy Tracker and Upgrades
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The FC 24 Fantasy FC promo brought another set of live cards to the game! There has been a slight name change from Fantasy FUT, but the main jist of the event remains the same. Items included in the campaign will be able to gain upgraded cards depending on real-world results, which means you’ll need our FC 24 Fantasy FC Tracker! 

As we’ve seen previously, Heroes are included in the event, with the Fantasy Heroes also able to gain upgrades as their items are linked to a former club. Unlike previous live cards released this season, individual performances will influence the upgrades as well as team results. Find out everything you need to know about the Fantasy FC promo in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team below.

Fantasy FC 24: FC 24 Fantasy FC loading screen
Fantasy FC loading screen – Image captured by VideoGamer

FC 24 Fantasy FC Tracker

PlayerClubResultsPerformance UpgradeWins UpgradeAppearance UpgradeClub Goals UpgradeOverall
Wesley SneijderHero – Real MadridD/W/W/WN/AN/A94
Sonia BompastorHero – Lyon FemininW/W/W/-N/AN/A93
Ousmane DembelePSGD/D/W/W10/1194
Antoine GriezmannAtletico MadridD/W/L/L1/21/34/1191
Nadine KesslerHero – Wolfsburg WomenW/L/L/-N/A1/2N/A5/1191
Vincent KompanyHero – Manchester CityW/W/D/WN/AN/A9/1192
Bixente LizarazuHero – Bayern MunichW/D/W/WN/AN/A93
LucioHero – Bayer LeverkusenW/W/W/WN/AN/A9/1192
Steve McManamanHero – LiverpoolW/D/W/WN/AN/A7/1192
Carlos TevezHero – Manchester CityW/W/D/WN/AN/A9/1192
Ricardo Carvalho (SBC)Hero – ChelseaD/W/D/WN/AN/A92
Rui CostaHero – AC MilanD/W/W/WN/AN/A6/1191
Luis DiazLiverpoolW/D/W/W7/1193
Paulo FutreHero – Atletico MadridD/W/L/LN/A1/2N/A4/1190
Ludovic Giuly (SBC)Hero – MonacoW/D/W/DN/AN/A6/1191
Javier MascheranoHero – BarcelonaD/W/W/WN/AN/A5/1190
Vivianne MiedemaArsenal WomenW/L/W/-0/35/1191
RamiresHero – ChelseaD/W/D/WN/AN/A92
Declan RiceArsenalW/W/D/W10/1193
Yaya ToureHero – BarcelonaD/W/W/WN/AN/A5/1191
Rudi VollerHero – Werder BremenD/L/L/LN/A0/2N/A4/1190
Marcos AcunaSevillaL/W/D/L1/22/36/1189
Tomas BrolinHero – ParmaW/W/W/LN/AN/A7/1190
Federico ChiesaJuventusL/D/D/L0/23/1191
Matthijs de LigtBayern MunichW/D/W/W92
GeyseManchester United WomenD/W/L/W8/1191
Jack GrealishManchester CityW/W/D/W1/39/1190
Ilkay GundoganBarcelonaD/W/W/W5/1191
Choe KellyManchester City WomenW/W/W/W92
Claudio MarchisioHero – JuventusW/L/D/DN/A1/2N/A6/1189
Lieke MartensPSG FeminineW/W/W/W2/391
Ferland MendyReal MadridW/D/W/W93
Fridolina Rolfo (SBC)Barcelona FemeniW/W/W/-93
Alex Scott (SBC)Hero – Arsenal WomenW/L/W/-N/AN/A5/1190
Georgia StanwayBayern FrauenW/W/W/-93
Youri TielemansAston VillaL/D/W/L1/24/1190
Timo Werner (SBC)TottenhamW/W/L/W9/1192
Iago AspasCelta VigoW/D/L/W5/1191
Alessandro Buongiorno (SBC)TorinoD/D/W/W4/1191
Hakan CalhanogluInterW/W/W/W1/390
Antonio CandrevaSalernitanaD/L/L/L0/23/1190
Yan CoutoGironaL/W/L/W5/1190
Chris Fuhrich (SBC)StuttgartW/W/W/D92
Ander Herrera (SBC)Athletic ClubW/W/L/-0/34/1189
Alexandre LacazetteLyonW/L/W/W2/37/1190
Amel MajriLyon FemininW/W/W/W92
Wlodzimierz Smolarek (SBC)Hero – FeyenoordW/W/W/DN/AN/A10/1190
Amine Adli (OBJ)Bayer LeverkusenW/W/W/W9/1190
Nerea Eizagirre (OBJ)Real Sociedad FemeninoL/D/L/L0/22/1188
Lisa KarlFreiburg WomenD/D/L/-0/22/1189
Ibrahima KonateLiverpoolW/D/W/W2/37/1189
Ian MaatsenBorussia DortmundW/W/W/W9/1190
Nahuel MolinaAtletico MadridD/W/L/L1/24/1188
Willi OrbanRB LeipzigW/W/W/-91
Julie PasquereauStade Reims FemininesL/W/W/W8/1190
Matteo PolitanoNapoliD/W/W/D10/1190
Pedro PorroTottenhamW/W/L/W9/1190
Wilfried SingoMonacoW/D/W/W9/1190
Jean-Clair TodiboNiceL/W/L/D1/25/1189
Benjamin AndreLilleL/W/D/D1/25/1188
Pierre Lees-MelouStade BrestoisW/L/D/W3/1190
Omar MarmoushFrankfurtW/W/L/D6/1190
Sandra StarkeRB Leipzig WomenL/L/W/-1/22/33/1186

(P) – Indicates upgrade is pending in-game, expected to go live April 17

FC 24 Fantasy FC release date 

We knew that the Fantasy promo was coming as EA included a player pick from Team 1 or Team 2 of the event in the Season 4 Act 2 rewards list. A loading screen then confirmed it as the next promo in FUT 24.

The Fantasy FC Team 1 release date in FC 24 Ultimate Team was February 23. This was followed by a Mini-Release on February 24.

The Fantasy FC Team 2 release date was March 1. Again, a Mini-Release followed, this time on March 2.

Fantasy FC start time

The Fantasy FC start time was at 1pm ET / 6pm GMT. EA added the new cards to packs at this usual time, as with most other promos. 

Additional Fantasy items will be released via Objectives and SBCs throughout the campaign.

FC 24 Fantasy FC

Previously known as the Fantasy FUT promo, a slight name change sees Fantasy FC come to EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team. Despite the title alteration, the mechanics of the promo are pretty similar to what we have seen for the past couple of years.

Heroes have been included as well as currently active players. They have gained live cards, which means their items will gain live upgrades depending on real-world results. The Fantasy upgrades are based on individual and team performance. Heroes will be assigned a club from their past and earn boosts from their results. 

Fantasy players will come via Packs, Objectives, and SBCs. There will also be Evolutions coming throughout the event, with the following released:

Fantasy FC Upgrades

@AsyFutTrader initially leaked the upgrade path, which has some noticeable changes compared to the FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Fantasy FUT model. This includes a reduction in matches that count towards the upgrades.

Now confirmed, if the player or club achieves certain milestones in their next four domestic league matches an upgrade will be earned. The upgrade paths work as follows: 

Fantasy FC

  • Campaign Launch Upgrade
  • Performance: +1 IF Upgrade
    • Attackers/Midfielders: Get 1 Goal or Assist
    • Defenders/Goalkeepers: Get 1 Clean Sheet
  • 2 Wins: +1 IF Upgrade
  • 3 Appearances: +1 IF Upgrade
  • 11 Club Goals: +1 IF Upgrade
Fantasy FC 24: Fantasy FC upgrade path
Fantasy FC upgrade path – Image via EA Sports

Fantasy FC Hero

  • Campaign Launch Upgrade
  • 2 Wins: +1 IF Upgrade
  • 11 Club Goals: +1 IF Upgrade
Fantasy FC 24: Fantasy FC Hero upgrade path
Fantasy FC Hero upgrade path – Image via EA Sports

Fantasy FC FAQs

When do Fantasy FC cards get upgraded?

Fantasy FC items will get upgraded in-game weekly based on any upgrades earned after each matchday.

Do Fantasy FC players have to play to earn upgrades?

There are team-based and individual-based upgrades that Fantasy FC players can earn. A player does not need to play to gain the team-based “Win” and “Avoid Defeat” upgrades. However, the player does need to play to earn the individual-based “Appearances” and “Goals/Assists/Clean Sheets” upgrades.