All F1 driver ratings in F1 24

All F1 driver ratings in F1 24
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F1 24 driver ratings

  • Driver ratings are determined by four stats: Experience, Racecraft, Awareness and Pace
  • Max Verstappen has the highest rating of 96
  • Ratings can go up and down across a season in Career Mode

F1 24 is finally out, and while there haven’t been any changes to the rosters of each teach for the 2024 season, that doesn’t mean that there haven’t been changes to their in-game driver ratings. 

Following the end of the 2023 season, each driver has had their ratings updated in line with their real-life abilities. If you’re looking to just head onto the track for a quick spin or want to choose a driver for Career Mode, we’ve got the full list of driver ratings in this year’s game.

F1 24 driver ratings: Max Verstappen's driver rating screen in the Career Mode menu.
Max Verstappen is unsurprisingly the highest rated driver in F1 24. Image captured by VideoGamer

All F1 24 driver ratings

Here is a list of every F1 driver in F1 24 and their respective driver ratings:

Max Verstappen8598949696
Fernando Alonso9994819192
Carlos Sainz8593898889
Charles Leclerc7891908989
Lando Norris7889859089
Lewis Hamilton9790928789
George Russell7887848887
Sergio Perez9193798587
Alex Albon7783798785
Oscar Piastri6285818684
Pierre Gasly7985788584
Esteban Ocon7983808383
Daniel Ricciardo8981858282
Nico Hulkenberg8582858182
Valtteri Bottas8872978381
Yuki Tsunoda7274778681
Kevin Magnussen8275798280
Lance Stroll8083797980
Zhou Ganyu6878828380
Logan Sargent6268757270
A table showing the driver ratings in F1 24

F1 24 driver ratings explained

The driver ratings in F1 24 are based on four different stats, the average of which forms the final overall rating. The four stats in question are:

  • Experience (EXP): The number of races a driver has started throughout their career
  • Racecraft (RAC): The ability of a driver to make their way through the pack to higher positions
  • Awareness (AWA): How cleanly a driver is able to race
  • Pace (PAC): Determined from qualifying and lap times, and how they compare with their teammate

If playing one of the Career Modes available, then these stats can change dynamically throughout the season. If you’re winning races, then your stats will increase over time, but conversely if you’re performing poorly, your stats will start to reflect that.