Best controller settings for F1 24 for PS5, Xbox and PC

Best controller settings for F1 24 for PS5, Xbox and PC
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The F1 series is well-known for its realism, and unless you’ve got steering and brake assists turned on, then driving effectively can be tough. And that’s going to be all the harder if you aren’t even using the correct settings.

That’s why we’ve put together this quick guide to tell you exactly what you need to know. Whether you’re using a PS5 or Xbox controller, we’ve got the ideal controller setup so you can get those buttons mapped quickly and get straight to racing.

Best controller settings for F1 24

We’ve put together the recommended controller settings for both Xbox and PlayStation controllers, so regardless of which controller you’re using and which platform you’re playing on, you can easily set up your controller in no time flat.

Here are the best controller settings for F1 24:

SettingXbox buttonPS5 button
Brake / ReverseLTL2
Steer Left←L←L
Steer Right→L →L 
Gear UpAX
Gear DownXSquare
Next CameraUnassignedUnassigned
Look Forward (On track only)↑R↑R
Look Back (On track only)↓R↓R
Look Left (On track only)RR
Look right (On track only)RR
Replay / FlashbackSelect
Activate / Deactivate DRSYTriangle
Pit LimiterYTriangle
Radio / Voice CommandsRBR1
MFD (Multi-Functional Display)BCircle
MFD Menu Up
MFD Menu Down
MFD Menu Left
MFD Menu Right
Push to TalkR3R3
Manual PitstopAX
The best controller settings for Xbox and PlayStation controllers in F1 24

How to change controller settings in F1 24

Changing your controller settings in F1 24 is simple, and only requires you to navigate a few menus. From the main menu, select the ‘Settings’ menu. From here, head to the ‘Controls, Vibration, and Force Feedback’ menu. This will open up a screen showing the different controllers you have connected.

Select the controller you want to map the buttons for, and it will open up a menu showing all of your currently mapped buttons. Scroll down the list to the specific setting you want to change, select it and map your new button. Save and leave to finish changing your controller settings.