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That chap in the image above. Yea, him. The one pelting you with arrows as you try to explore the southern section of the ruins. Trouble, isn’t he? But, there’s no clear way to reach him nor the upper level of the ruins, which, if we adhere to FromSoft standards, must hold some secrets or possibly a secret boss.

To save you some pain, we’ll walk you through how to reach that pesky giant in the Rauh Ruins. It’s a lot easier than the layout of the area suggests and should save you spending a couple hours trying to perform sketchy horse-back acrobatics to leap across or glitch your way up.

How to reach the bridge in the Ancient Ruins of Rauh

To reach the giant and the upper bridge, you’ll need to use a secret elevator hidden in the southwest of the Rauh Ruins. To start, load into the Church of the Bud, Main Entrance site of grace. Jump on Torrent and face east, then jump onto the roof of the small pagoda on the level below. 

Jump down to the ground below and head south up the short flight of stairs and past the knight patrolling the area. There’s an elevator going down a head. Ignore and instead go right and look down into the canyon below. You’ll see a criss-cross of pillars and ruined foundations. Jump down to the highest one on the left. Make your way southeast across them until you can reach a ledge built into the structure on your left. Ride the elevator up and unlock the Ancient Ruins, Grand Stairway site of grace on the right.

Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree giant rauh: Tarnished in the Rauh ruins.
A boss awaits. Captured by VideoGamer

From here, you can make your way down the stairs to the giant. Defeating him typically gives you a Smithing Stone 6, 7, and 8, along with some great arrows. Beyond the enemy, you can jump across to a covered building where you can take on a rehashed mini-boss. They’ll be familiar to you if you completed the Belurat legacy dungeon.

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