EA Sports FC 24 Skill Moves – Four new tricks to master

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The reveals for EA Sports FC 24 keep coming, building the hype for the upcoming title! The latest gameplay deep dive pitch notes unveiled some new EA Sports FC 24 skill moves, which will give players a new challenge in the early stages of the game. 

Although you won’t be able to practice the new moves until the EA Sports FC 24 release date, you can still get to grips with the current batch in the game. Find out all you need to know about EA Sports FC 24 skill moves below, then use them on the pitch to embarrass your opposition!


EA Sports FC 24 skill moves 

Skill moves have been an essential part of FIFA gameplay for many years, so expect that to continue in FC 24. Mastering them can give you an edge over the opposition which can be crucial to winning games, especially when facing other human players in Ultimate Team

Chaining moves has been the bane of many players’ lives, so it will be interesting to see if there have been any substantial changes to how things work with EA Sports FC 24 skill moves. There was definitely a noticeable change between FUT 22 and FUT 23, but will that continue? 

FC 24 new skill moves 

Each year, EA introduces some new tricks to the game to bamboozle your opponent. You’ve had a year to master the seven added in FIFA 23, so get ready to add to your repertoire! The FC 24 new skill moves are: 

  • Ball Roll Drag (4-Star)
    • Hold L1 + Flick RS Forward, Left/Right || Hold LB + Flick RS Forward, Left/Right 
  • Drag Back Turn (4-Star)
    • Hold L2 + Hold RS Back || Hold LT + Hold RS Back 
  • Flair Nutmegs (4-Star)
    • Hold L1 + R1 + Flick RS Direction || Hold LB + RB + RS Direction  
  • Flair Rainbow (5-Star)
    • Hold L1 + RS Back, Forward || Gold LB + RS Back, Forward 

There have also been some skill move changes due to the Trickster Playstyle introduced in FC 24. These are as follows: 

  • Trickster Ball Catch
    • L2 + Fake Shot || LT + Fake Shot (from standing) 
  • Trickster Ball Roll
    • L2 + R2 || LT + RT (from standing) 
  • Trickster Flicks
    • R3 + LS in desired direction 

EA Sports FC 24 skill moves list 

In FC 24, different players have different skill-move abilities, ranging from 1-star to 5-star. The player’s competency will put a limit on what skill moves they are able to perform. 

The EA Sports FC 24 skill moves list is as follows: 

1-Star Skill Moves

  • Ball Juggle* 
  • Bridge Skill 
  • Directional Nutmeg 
  • First-Time Feint Turn 
  • Flick Up for Volley 
  • Foot Fake* 
  • Jog Open Up Fake Shot 
  • Open Up Fake Shot Left 
  • Open Up Fake Shot Right 
  • Stand Open Up Fake Shot 

2-Star Skill Moves

  • Ball Roll Left 
  • Ball Roll Right 
  • Body Feint Left 
  • Body Feint Right 
  • Drag Back 
  • Feint Forward and Turn 
  • Reverse Stepover Left 
  • Reverse Stepover Right 
  • Stepover Left 
  • Stepover Right 

3-Star Skill Moves

  • Fake Left and Go Right 
  • Fake Right and Go Left 
  • Heel Chop Left*** 
  • Heel Chop Right*** 
  • Heel Flick 
  • Roulette Left 
  • Roulette Right 
  • Stutter Feint 

4-Star Skill Moves

  • Ball Hop* 
  • Ball Roll Cut Left 
  • Ball Roll Cut Right 
  • Drag Back Spin Left 
  • Drag Back Spin Right 
  • Drag to Heel 
  • Explosive Fake Shot 
  • Fake Pass* 
  • Fake Pass Exit Left* 
  • Fake Pass Exit Right* 
  • Four Touch Turn 
  • Heel to Ball Roll 
  • Heel to Heel Flick 
  • Lane Change Left 
  • Lane Change Right 
  • Quick Ball Rolls 
  • Scoop Turn Fake 
  • Simple Rainbow 
  • Skilled Bridge 
  • Spin Left 
  • Spin Right 
  • Stop and Turn Left*** 
  • Stop and Turn Right*** 
  • Three Touch Roulette Left 
  • Three Touch Roulette Right 

5-Star Skill Moves

  • Advanced Rainbow* 
  • Ball Roll and Flick Left*** 
  • Ball Roll and Flick Right*** 
  • Ball Roll Fake Left* 
  • Ball Roll Fake Right* 
  • Ball Roll Fake Turn* 
  • Elastico 
  • Elastico Chop Left 
  • Elastico Chop Right 
  • First-Time Spin 
  • Flick Over 
  • Heel Fake 
  • Heel Flick Turn 
  • Hocus Pocus 
  • Rabona Fake* 
  • Reverse Elastico 
  • Sombrero Flick* 
  • Spin Flick Left 
  • Spin Flick Right 
  • Tornado Spin Left 
  • Tornado Spin Right 
  • Triple Elastico 
  • Turn and Spin Left 
  • Turn and Spin Right 

Note: * Can only be performed while standing, ** while jogging, and *** while running 

5-Star Juggling Tricks 

The following tricks can only be used when juggling the ball: 

  • Around the World 
  • Chest Flick 
  • Flick Up for Volley 
  • In Air Elastico 
  • Laces Flick Up 
  • Reverse In Air Elastico 
  • Sombrero Flick Backwards 
  • Sombrero Flick Left 
  • Sombrero Flick Right 
  • T. Around the World 

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