EA Sports FC 24 Gameplay trailer, new features, and Hypermotion V

EA Sports FC 24 Gameplay trailer, new features, and Hypermotion V
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Our first glimpse at the EA Sports FC 24 gameplay is here. The official trailer and deep dive has been revealed showcasing some incredible new features that will be added to this year’s game. Improved Hypermotion and SAPIEN technology have both been explained in the official gameplay deep dive.

The EA Sports FC release date is fast approaching. This means we are well and truly into reveal season. Leaks have been prevalent in FIFA 23, but we don’t need them anymore as EA has showcased its innovative new FC 24 gameplay.

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EA Sports FC 24 gameplay trailer

The EA Sports FC 24 gameplay deep dive was released on July 18. Showcasing the trinity of technologies, Hypermotion V, Playstyles, and the Frostbite engine.

EA Sports FC 24 gameplay

FIFA 23 saw plenty of new gameplay features brought to the game, and this has been added to in EA Sports FC 24 gameplay. EA’s new trinity of technologies will take the game to new heights as it expands what is possible in the game.

Hypermotion V, Playstyles, and an enhanced Frostbite Engine will all combine to create the best footballing experience yet. SAPIEN technology that we will see in Madden 24 gameplay will also be brought into into EA Sports FC.

We have been lucky enough to get our hands on a pre-beta version of FC 24. Take a look at why we think the EA FC 24 gameplay proves FIFA split is no big deal.

Hypermotion V

The introduction of Hypermotion technology brought “ultra-realistic gameplay” to FIFA. However, the technology is only available on next gen consoles. Hypermotion remains exclusive to PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC players in FC 24.

Motion capture data was recorded from full matches and training drills and brought to life in the game. FIFA 23 was the first time a female match was captured and introduced to the game too, offering true to life animations to players.

In FC 24, motion capture is not necessary. Hypermotion V uses volumetric data of more than 180 top-tier matches from competitions like the UEFA Men’s and Women’s Champions League, Premier League, and LaLiga EA SPORTS. This means that movement from teams like Real Madrid, PSG, and Manchester City and that the animations of hundreds of in-game players are influenced by actions of real-world professionals on the pitch.

The technology also uses AI mimic. This has allowed EA to bring 1,200 players running styles to life in FC 24, including the signature charge of FC 24 cover athlete Erling Haaland.

AcceleRATE 2.0

One of last season’s new features. AcceleRATE is back in FC 24, and this time it comes with more than twice as many archetypes than before. Controlled Explosive, Mostly Explosive, Controlled Lengthy, and Mostly Lengthy have now been added to the mix.

Take a look at the new archetype thresholds below:

TypeHeightAgilityStrengthAccelerationAgility vs Strength
Explosive<= 175 cm (5’9’’)>= 80>= 80>= 20
Mostly Explosive<= 182 cm (6’0’’)>= 70>= 80>= 12
Controlled Explosive<= 182 cm (6’0’’)>= 65>= 70>= 4
Controlled Lengthy>= 181 cm (5’11’’)>= 65>= 40>= 4
Mostly Lengthy>= 183 cm (6’0’’)>= 75>= 55>= 12
Lengthy>= 188 cm (6’2’’)>= 80>= 55>= 20

Precision passing

Cut open defences like never before with the new Precision Passing mechanic. The new feature offers a manual pass mechanic, giving you more control and creative opportunities. Long Passing and Short Passing are the key attributes, with Vision and Composure also factored into the equation.

To trigger a Precision Pass, hold R1/RB and select your pass input. This can be a ground pass or lob pass. The pass can be adjusted with swerve using L2/LT, and this will be affected by the Curve attribute.

You can now use Headers on Demand too in an attempt to get your team moving quicker. Don’t wait for the ball to bounce or settle, hold both L2 and R2 / LT and input your intended pass type and away you go. This can also be used when shooting too, so no more acrobatic volleys from your big target men!

Controlled dribbling

Three new FC 24 gameplay dribbling mechanics are set to destroy defenders this season. The Effort Dribble Touch is similar to the heavy touch. Press R1/RB and flick the right analog stick to quickly knock the ball away from a defender, either drawing a foul or leaving them in the dust. This can also be used as a pass/shot cancel.

Performed effectively by Alexis Sanchez and Dimitri Payet in the Premier League, the Orbit Dribble will baffle defenders and goalkeepers alike. Holding L2/LT, L1/LB, and shifting the left analog stick will move your player around the ball without touching it. This will help set up a shot or pass on their stronger foot, or fool a defender into thinking you are going a certain direction.

The big one this season will be Controlled Sprint. This is much faster than a jog and allows your forward players to take lots of small touches while still running at pace. This can be used to lure defenders in, or run dynamically into tighter spaces. Hold R1/RB to perform Controlled Sprint.