How to make Maguro Sushi in Disney Dreamlight Valley

How to make Maguro Sushi in Disney Dreamlight Valley
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Need to know how to make Maguro Sushi in Disney Dreamlight Valley? This fun recipe is a tasty treat for any player, but it’s one of the more difficult recipes to make due to its ingredient list.

Disney Dreamlight Valley lets players explore a magical world that they can build and shape to make their own dream home, complete with their favorite Disney characters. Make sure you know how to get Ginger and how to get Tomatoes in Disney Dreamlight Valley if you’re struggling with getting some crops. Now, we’ll show you how to make Maguro Sushi.

Ingredients for Maguro Sushi in Disney Dreamlight Valley

There are four ingredients needed to make Maguro Sushi:

  • Tuna
  • Rice
  • Seaweed
  • Ginger

Maguro Sushi is a four-star dish, and it requires four total ingredients. You only need one of each of these to make the dish. Unfortunately, not all of them are easy to find.

How to get Tuna

Tuna can be caught from any fishing spot in the Glade of Trust or the Forgotten Lands. It’s a low-rarity fish, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding it. Simply go fishing in any water in these biomes where there are white ripples. Eventually, you will get a Tuna.

How to get Rice

Rice can be purchased at Goofy’s Stall in the Glade of Trust. You will need to upgrade the stall first using Star Coins. After it’s been upgraded, you can either purchase Rice seeds or Rice itself from the stall.

How to get Seaweed

Seaweed can be fished up from any water source on the map, and this includes all biomes. Luckily, all you need to do is fish at any spot in the water that doesn’t have the typical ripples that indicate a fish.

How to get Ginger

A girl is walking in the Forgotten Lands in Disney Dreamlight Valley.
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Ginger is unfortunately not easy to find, as it grows only in the Forgotten Lands. You’ll need to spend 15,000 Dreamlight to unlock the area, which is only accessed through the Sunlit Plateau. Once you’re in the Forgotten Lands, it grows around the area like any other herb. You can harvest it directly from the ground in the Forgotten Lands.

Unlocking the Sunlit Plateau

Before you can unlock the Forgotten Lands, you need to unlock the Sunlit Plateau first. This costs 7,000 Dreamlight to do. This makes Ginger the hardest ingredient to obtain for Maguro Sushi, due to it being locked behind the most Dreamlight.

How to cook Maguro Sushi

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Once you’ve obtained all four ingredients, head to any stove and throw the ingredients into the pot. Then, choose Start Cooking, which will cost one Coal Ore.

Then, you have your Maguro Sushi. It gives you a total of 1,206 Energy if you eat it, or you can instead sell it for 413 Star Coins. It’s up to you what you choose to do with the dish.

That’s everything you need to know about making Maguro Sushi in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Be sure to check out our Coral Island hub if you’re looking for other cozy games to enjoy.

Maguro Sushi FAQs

What ingredients do you need for Maguro Sushi?

Maguro Sushi requires one Tuna, one Seaweed, one Rice, and one Ginger to make.

How much can you sell Maguro Sushi for?

Maguro Sushi can be sold for 413 Star Coins.