Disney Dreamlight Valley how to get Ginger

Disney Dreamlight Valley how to get Ginger
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Need to know where to get Ginger in Disney Dreamlight Valley? There are plenty of harvestable materials in Disney’s cozy farming simulator, but not all are easy to get a hold of.

Disney Dreamlight Valley lets you build your dream fantasy world, which is populated with plenty of Disney characters for you to befriend. It’s a charming game that’s drawn comparisons to Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley. Part of the fun of the game is making tasty dishes for you and your friends. Some, however, require Ginger to make. Where do you get Ginger in Disney Dreamlight Valley? We’re here to show you.

Where to get Ginger in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Ginger can be found in the Forgotten Lands, which can be accessed through the Sunlit Plateau. This is the only spot where you’re going to find Ginger in the game.

It grows throughout the Forgotten Lands like many other area-specific plants. Once you’re in the area, simply walk around and you’ll find it scattered around. You can then harvest all the Ginger you find, which can then be used for plenty of quests and recipes.

There’s no specific area of the Forgotten Lands it grows in, it can be found throughout the whole area.

An endless supply

Like other harvestable crops in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you can simply pick it up as you wander the area. If you find that there’s none left, all you need to do is leave the area for a bit and come back. More will populate, giving you an endless supply of Ginger.

How to get to Forgotten Lands for Ginger

To get to the Forgotten Lands, you’ll need to spend 15,000 Dreamlight to unlock the area. You can only access the Forgotten Lands through the Sunlit Plateau, which costs 7,000 Dreamlight to unlock. If you haven’t unlocked the Sunlit Plateau yet, you’ve got some work to do.

A screenshot of a map of Disney Dreamlight Valley showcasing the Forgotten Lands
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The Forgotten Lands can be found on the top left of the map. The section is colored purple, which makes it easy to notice. Once you’ve unlocked it, you have permanent access to it.

Recipes that require Ginger

The main use for the plant is to use it in recipes. Several recipes in-game require Ginger to make. Here are all the recipes that need Ginger:

  • Pumpkin Soup
  • Teriyaki Salmon
  • Maguro Sushi
  • Steamed Fugu
  • Mushu’s Congee

Ginger is one of the main ingredients in all of these foods, and they can’t be made without it.

That’s everything you need to know about getting Ginger in Disney Dreamlight Valley. If cozy farming games are your kind of thing, be sure to check out our hub for Coral Island, another fun game with plenty of crops to harvest.

Where to get Ginger FAQs

Where can you find Ginger in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Ginger can be found in the Forgotten Lands realm. Once you’ve unlocked this area, it can be found scattered throughout the biome.

What is Ginger used for in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Ginger is used for a variety of quests that require you to gather the material up. Also, it’s used in several recipes that you can cook for your Disney neighbors, including Pumpkin Soup, Teriyako Salmon, Maguro Sushi, Steamed Fugu, and Mushu’s Congee.