Cities Skylines 2 release date – when can I play Cities Skylines 2?

Cities Skylines 2 release date – when can I play Cities Skylines 2?
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Looking for the Cities Skylines 2 release date? With the popular city-builder getting on in years, news that a sequel was on its way was met with plenty of excitement from fans of the original. Now with the game just a matter of weeks away, we won’t have to wait too long before we can get building all new cities in the new instalment.

We’ve recently had our hands on the game ahead of launch, and you can read about that in our Cities Skylines 2 preview feature over here. However, if you want to know the crucial Cities Skylines 2 release date info, then we’ve got you covered right here. Read on.

Cities Skylines 2 release date: A view of a large city from the sky.

When does Cities Skylines 2 release?

Cities Skylines 2 is currently scheduled to release on 24 October 2023 on PC. As well as showcasing the gameplay for the first time, a trailer from June’s Summer Games Fest confirmed that the game will be coming out later this year.

However, though the console and PC versions were originally set to come out on the same day, it was later confirmed that the console versions were to be delayed. Therefore the Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 version of Cities Skylines 2 won’t release until Spring 2024.

The game will also feature an Ultimate Edition, which will include a series of expansions which will be available from the game’s launch on each respective format.

What platforms will Cities Skylines 2 be on?

Cities Skylines 2 will be available on PC on Steam, PS5, and Xbox Series S/X. As well as this, it has been confirmed that the game will be available for PC and Xbox players through Game Pass. However, as the console version will be releasing later, it’ll only be on the PC version of the service at first, and then on Xbox Game Pass once the console version is live.

In addition, it’s been confirmed that the sequel has been developed with consoles and PCs in mind from the start – while the previous iteration only got its console ports later. This should help ensure the game stays consistent no matter which platform you choose to pick it up on.

Cities Skylines 2 release date: Gameplay showing a tram approaching a roundabout.

Cities Skylines 2 trailers

The game’s announcement trailer came first, releasing in March. The trailer is entirely cinematic, and while it looks incredible, it does come with the caveat that it does not feature actual gameplay. Aside from this, it also confirmed the game’s logo and the platforms it will release on.

The second, and at the time of writing, most recent trailer, is the gameplay trailer shown during Summer Games Fest. This trailer shows off the game’s updated graphics, which are a massive improvement on those of the first game, as well as the game’s sleek new UI. We also get a look at a few new gameplay features, such as quickly building grids, new road building mechanics, and some new UI elements to better visualise your city’s needs.

Cities Skylines 2 gameplay

Thanks to Gamescom 2023, we’ve now had chance to get our hands on Cities Skylines 2 and play around with it ourselves. While the core gameplay at first feels similar to the first game, there’s plenty of new mechanics and features to enjoy, as well as tweaks to some existing mechanics to make everything feel more streamlined to help you get building quicker, while feeling no less challenging of actually ensuring your city runs smoothly.

That’s it for all the news on the Cities Skylines 2 release date. Cities Skylines 2 is one of a huge number of games featured during the recent Summer Games Fest. If you’re wanting to know more about some of the others, our Summer Games Fest 2023 roundup will have you covered.