Boku No Roblox codes October 2023

Boku No Roblox codes October 2023
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If you want to dive into the world of the popular anime My Hero Academia, our Boku no Roblox codes can help you grow into the hero you’ve always dreamed of being. This is one of the most popular games on Roblox and is full of action and difficult boss fights, so you’ll want to be sure you’ve got the best possible equipment and skills. 

These codes can get you everything from stat resets to in-game cash that you can spend on new upgrades and equipment or even a new quirk – the in-universe term for special powers and abilities – for your character. Of course, you can also redeem the Roblox promo codes if you’re after purely cosmetic equipment for your character, but these Boku no Roblox codes are perfect to give your young hero the boost they need. Be sure to check back when new updates for the game are launched as that is usually when the latest codes are added.

Boku no Roblox codes (active)

These are the active Boku no Roblox codes that you can redeem right now:

  • Statpointreset – Redeem for a stat point reset
  • InfiniteRaid! – Redeem for 5k free Cash
  • ThanksFor570k! – Redeem for 55k free Cash
  • echoeyesonYT5K – Redeem this code for 25,000 free Cash
  • newu1s – Redeem this code for 50,000 free Cash
  • Sc4rySkel3ton – Redeem this code for 25,000 free Cash
  • 1MFAVS – Redeem this code for 25,000 free Cash

Boku no Roblox codes (expired)

These are the expired codes for Boku no Roblox that have already been removed from the game:

  • 300MVISITS – Redeemable for 30,000 Cash
  • BokuNoTw1tt3r – Redeemable for 25,000 Cash
  • cl3ss1A – Redeemable for 50,000 Cash
  • DessiNoRevamp – Redeemable for 25,000 Cash
  • DessiXmas2020 – Redeemable for 25,000 Cash
  • er4serh3ad – Redeemable for 50,000 Cash
  • infinite100 – Redeemable for 10,000 Cash
  • m1rk0 – Redeemable for 50,000 Cash
  • m4ihats8me – Redeemable for 50,000 Cash
  • man1f3st – Redeemable for 50,000 Cash
  • mhaseason5 – Redeemable for 50,000 Cash
  • mrc0mpr3ss – Redeemable for 50,000 Cash
  • newyear2021 – Redeemable for 50,000 Cash
  • sh1ns0 – Redeemable for 50,000 Cash
  • sp00ky – Redeemable for 50,000 Cash
  • th4nky0u – Redeemable for 25,000 Cash
  • UseCodeDessi – Redeemable for 25,000 Cash

How to redeem Boku no Roblox codes

It isn’t difficult to redeem codes in Boku no Roblox, but it can be tricky to find the right menu. Just follow these simple instructions:

  1. Open Boku no Roblox on your platform of choice. 
  2. Once you’re in the game, click on the menu icon on the top left portion of the screen. It looks like three sets of lines.
  3. Click on the Clipboard icon on the dropdown menu that appears. You should see a main menu with a faded Options tab just to the left of it.
  4. Click on the Options tab and you will see the Codes button on the screen. Click it and type the code of your choice in the text box that appears.

Your rewards should be added automatically to your current character once you click Confirm. If you’re looking for more anime-inspired Roblox action, we have plenty of Shindo Life codes for you to check out. There are also new All Star Tower Defense codes that you can redeem right now in the game. Finally, we have plenty of King Legacy codes that you can redeem right now to get freebies in that game too.

Where can I find more Boku no Roblox codes?

Looking for more Boku no Roblox codes? The developer often releases them on their Twitter account or, more frequently, through their Discord server. Links to both of these can be found from their main page on the Roblox platform.

Why won’t my Boku no Roblox codes work?

If you’re Boku no Roblox codes aren’t working, it is usually because they have already expired. This can happen without warning, normally when developers release new content and new codes to replace old ones. New codes are generally added by Digital Devs Studio when the game reaches a new milestone for players or likes, so keep an eye on the Roblox statistics.