Blox Fruits Tier List – best fruits ranked

Blox Fruits Tier List – best fruits ranked
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Considering the number of Devil Fruits available in the game, it is easy to get overwhelmed when trying to decide which one to use. That’s where our Blox Fruit tier list comes in, as we’ve broken down all the fruits in the game so you know exactly which one to pick depending on your build and play style.

As with any list like this, this Roblox Blox Fruits tier list should be used in conjunction with the usual tips for playing the game. To get valuable experience point boosts and in-game currency, we recommend redeeming all the available Blox Fruits codes to help you level up quickly. This is one of the most popular Roblox games in the world so don’t ignore any advantage offered.

What are Blox Fruits and how to get them

Blox Fruits tier list: Blox fruits character smirking

In Blox Fruits, players consume Devil Fruits which grant them unique powers depending on which one they’ve eaten. There are 35 fruits in the game as of Update 17.3.5. Some fruits, like Soul and Door, have been removed in previous updates. Getting a new fruit requires a bit of luck, as each has a different drop rate.

Eating a new fruit will replace your currently equipped one, so be careful which one you choose. If you want to get a new fruit, you can do one of the following:

  • Do the most damage during a Factory raid
  • Defend Castle on the Sea from Pirates and deal the final blow to the last enemy
  • Defeat the Brigade during the Ship Raid (Note that this has a low chance of spawning)
  • Pick up fruits that randomly spawn
  • Buy a fruit from the Blox Fruit Dealer or the Blox Fruit Gacha for in-game currency or Robux
  • Find or take a fruit that someone has dropped
  • Trade for fruits in either The Café or the Mansion

Blox Fruits types

Each fruit in Blox Fruits fits into one of three general categories. Note that these don’t necessarily relate to how powerful or weak the fruits are, but will tell you a great deal about how they will fit into your specific play style and build.

The Blox Fruits categories are:

  • Zoan – Transforms you into a beast or creature with a heavy emphasis on physical stats and abilities. Also known as Beast Fruits.
  • Logia – Often referred to as Elemental fruit, granting you powerful attacks and defensive abilities. Also known as Elemental Fruits.
  • Paramecia – Grants specific abilities like extra speed and strength boosts. Also known as Natural Fruits.

In addition to these three categories, you can also describe each fruit by spawn chance in the game.

  • Common
  • Uncommon
  • Rare
  • Legendary
  • Mythical

Obviously, most of the Mythical fruits are also the most powerful, but that isn’t necessarily the case. Also, it is important to remember that you don’t have to consume any fruit you find; if one spawns and you already have a better one or it simply wouldn’t work well for your build, you can trade it for in-game currency or a fruit you would rather have.

Blox Fruits Tier List

Any Best Fruits tier list is inherently subjective. We’ve tried to balance this one as best we could, ranking each fruit in Blox Fruits based on its damage output, mobility, rarity, and how well it lends its powers to different play styles.

SVenom, Buddha, Dough, Leopard, Magma
ASpirit, Love, Dragon, Blizzard, Rumble, Shadow
BSpider, Dark, Phoenix, Rubber, Ice, Portal, Flame, Light
CControl, Sand, Gravity, Revive, Paw
DQuake, Chop, Smoke, Spike, Bomb
FFalcon, Barrier, Diamond, Spring, Kilo, Spin

Every Fruit in Blox Fruits by type

Regardless of strength, you’ll want to find a fruit that suits how you play and the build you’ve created. Here are all the Blox Fruits available at the moment and the category they fall under.

Zoan (Beast)Buddha, Leopard, Dragon, Phoenix, Falcon
Logia (Elemental)Magma, Blizzard, Rumble, Dark, Ice, Flame, Light, Sand, Smoke
Paramecia (Natural)Venom, Dough, Spirit, Love, Shadow, Spider, Rubber, Portal, Control, Gravity, Revive, Paw, Quake, Chop, Spike, Bomb, Barrier, Diamond, Spring, Kilo, Spin

Remember that you’ll still need to grind for levels as you play, but our guide on how to level up fast in Blox Fruits can make it a quick and painless process. Your fruit power is only part of what makes your character powerful; we’ve broken down all the Blox Fruits races so you know which ones pair well with each fruit.

How to get Permanent Fruit in Blox Fruits

By default, all the fruits in Blox Fruits can only be consumed once. However, you can get permanent fruits by puchasing them from the Blox Fruits Dealer or in the Shop Menu. Note that these can only be purchased with Robux, the platform’s main currency which you can purchase for real money.