Blox Fruits races explained

Blox Fruits races explained
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Need the lowdown on Blox Fruits races? If you’re wondering how to get the most out of your time in one of the most popular games on the Roblox platform, our guide to Blox Fruits races is here to help. Getting your head around how the different races work can be tricky, so we’ve tried to spell everything out as clearly as possible below.

We also have our daily list of Blox Fruits codes that you can redeem for XP boosts and race rerolls to help you get all the free rewards the developers have made available. It can take a lot of grinding to get some of the more exclusive Blox Fruits races, so don’t be shy about taking every advantage you can get. It’s also worth learning how to level up fast in Blox Fruits.

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Blox Fruits races guide

It’s important to note that all of the races in Blox Fruits have their merits; it just depends on your playstyle and what sort of perks you want to prioritise. Four of the races are available at the start of the game, while two have to be unlocked by completing difficult challenges later in the game.

The four starting Blox Fruits races and the odds of rolling them are:

  • Human (62.5%)
  • Rabbit (12.5%)
  • Angel (12.5%
  • Shark (12.5%)

The two unlockable Blox Fruits races are:

  • Cyborg
  • Ghoul

How do I change Blox Fruits races?

Blox Fruits races are randomly assigned when you join the game. If you want to change your race, you have a few options available to you. You can’t switch to the Cyborg or Ghoul race through these methods; you have to unlock them by completing difficult challenges. If you want to switch back to either Cyborg or Ghoul, you need to talk to the NPCs listed in their sections below.

The main ways to change your race in Blox Fruits are:

  • Redeem a race reroll Blox Fruits code. This will give you a random race that is different from your current one.
  • Give 3000 fragments to Tort, who will reroll your race. This will give you a random race that is different from your current one.
  • Buy a Race Change from the in-game products shop for 90 Robux.

During special events, you can sometimes use the event currency to purchase race rerolls from specific NPCs, but this option isn’t available all the time.

Blox Fruits races strengths and weaknesses

All of the Blox Fruit races can suit your specific playstyle, depending on which stat you want to focus on. You’ll want to make sure you still get your hands on the best fruit in Blox Fruit to give yourself the best chances of survival.

Blox Fruits Human

Despite being the most common race for most new users, Humans in Blox Fruits come with several key advantages. Their base form is fairly basic but they have some powerful abilities in late-game content. They focus on damage output, particularly when you evolve it into its more advanced forms. They have a unique ability called Last Resort, which boosts damage as your HP gets lower. This makes them a risky race but one which can be devastating in the right conditions. 

Blox Fruits Angel

As you might expect, Angels in Blox Fruits specialise in healing and flying, making them a solid choice for support characters who want to keep out of the fray as much as possible. Just keep in mind that they aren’t actually as mobile as some of the other classes, despite being able to operate from a long distance, though their health and energy regeneration are good enough to overcome this weakness in PvP.

Blox Fruits Rabbit

If speed is your goal, Rabbits in Blox Fruits are the way to go. This race has several buffs focused on their speed. Their damage isn’t nearly as good as some of the other Blox Fruits races, but their ability to escape combos and close the distance on enemies makes them one of the best choices for PvP specialists. At higher levels, they unlock an ability called Agility, which gives you an even bigger speed boost and makes them a veritable blur on the battlefield.

Blox Fruits Shark

Even at early levels, Sharks make for some of the best tanks in the Blox Fruits. Their damage reduction is pretty good even at the start of the game. Their V3 ability, called Water Body, reduces incoming damage by an impressive 80% and can be combined with Buddha abilities to make them practically invulnerable to attacks. Their lack of speed or damage output can be problematic in solo play, though.

Blox Fruits Ghoul

Update 12 in Blox Fruits introduced the Ghoul race, which focuses on sucking the life out of enemies. They are a well-balanced race that has high speed and damage output while being able to take a hit better than the Rabbit or Human races. It is worth noting that their speed boost is deactivated during daytime hours. Ghouls are creatures of the night, after all. Still, their life leech ability has great synergy with many of the best Fruits in the game.

Blox Fruits Cyborg

The last of the current Blox Fruits races is Cyborg, which was introduced in Update 14. Thanks to its high energy regeneration, the Cyborg race is likely to always have energy to spare, which makes it one of the best races for players who like to spam attacks. This race is incredibly powerful but lacks any speed boost which can put it at a disadvantage in PvP. It is also by far the most difficult race to unlock, requiring a lot of patience and time.

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How to unlock Blox Fruits races

The initial four races are immediately available for players, but the Cyborg and Ghoul races both have certain criteria that must be met to unlock them.

How to unlock the Cyborg race in Blox Fruits

Cyborg is by far the most difficult race to unlock in Blox Fruits, but it is possible with a bit of patience and grinding. You need to complete the long and somewhat tedious Cyborg Puzzle.

  1. Obtain a Fist of Darkness by finding one in a chest or defeating a sea beast.
  2. Start an Order raid and insert the Fist of Darkness into the machine.
  3. Purchase a Microchip from the Arithmetic NPC. Note that you cannot insert the Fist into the machine if you have a Microchip in your inventory so be sure to purchase it afterward.
  4. Defeat the Order raid and obtain a Core Brain. Note that this only has a 2.5% chance to drop at the end of the raid so you need a bit of luck.
  5. Start another Order Raid with the Core Brain in your inventory. A secret staircase will open. Proceed down and enter the lab. Here you can pay 2500 fragments to switch to the Cyborg race.

Once you’ve obtained the Cyborg race, you don’t have to complete the puzzle above to switch back to it. You will, however, need to pay 2500 fragments each time you switch.

How to unlock the Ghoul race in Blox Fruits

Compared to the Cyborg race, it is much more simple to unlock the Ghoul race.

  1. Reach Level 1000
  2. Once you’re at the correct level, you need to obtain 100 Ectoplasm, which can be dropped randomly by enemies on the Cursed Ship or by the Cursed Captain.
  3. You’ll also need a Hellfire Torch, which has a 1-2% drop rate by the Cursed Captain.
  4. Once you have the necessary items, you can speak to the Experimic. Changing your race to Ghoul will consume the Ectoplasm and Hellfire Torch.

Once you’ve unlocked the Ghoul race, you won’t need to spend anything to change back at a later date. Just talk to the Experimic to change back at any time.