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Bloodborne Guide: How to access the Upper Cathedral Ward

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There’s a locked door at the top of the Healing Church Workshop, which in order to be accessed requires a key found much later in the game.

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How to access the Healing Church Workshop

The Healing Church Workshop is found to the right of the Cathedral Ward lamp, but the door only opens once you kill the Blood Starved Beast in Old Yharnam. Once the Beast is killed, speak to Gherman back in Hunter’s Dream and then the door will be open.

What is the Healing Church Workshop?

The Healing Church Workshop is a large tower which spirals up leading to a locked door, leading to Upper Cathedral Ward, and a chest containing one of the Hunter Badges.

Beneath the Healing Church Workshop is the Abandoned Old Workshop, which can be accessed with some careful platforming. Further down is a path leading to some Yharnam backstreets and back into Cathedral Ward, check out our guide on accessing the Abandoned Old Workshop for more details.

Getting the Upper Cathedral Key

To get to the Upper Cathedral Ward, you’ll first have needed to made it to Yahar’gul, Unseen Village. From the second lamp (Yahar’gul Chapel), head up the stairs past the female villagers, hugging the fence to the left. Eventually you’ll come to a broken piece of fence, drop down and run along rooftop and into the doorway. Kill the witch, and drop through the second broken concrete wall and into the cage. The dead body will be holding the Upper Cathedral Key, which unlocks the door at the top of the Healing Church Workshop.

Getting to Upper Cathedral Ward

Head back up the Healing Church Workshop, up the top flight and open the door using the key. You’ll unlock “The Choir” silver trophy. It’s a very tough location, so make sure you’re levelled up before trying to survive here.


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