Best Nature For Miraidon In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Best Nature For Miraidon In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
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What are the best Natures for Miraidon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet? This legendary Pokemon becomes available to battle with near the end of the game just like Koraidon does in Pokémon Scarlet. With the right setup, the Legendary Pokemon can instill terror in the hearts of your opponents, and the best way to optimize your Miraidon for battle is to get one with the proper Nature.

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Are you ready to maximize this Paradox Pokemon’s potential? Here is the best Nature for Miraidon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Best Natures For Miraidon In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

Natures can turn the tide of a competitive Pokemon battle by raising and lowering specific stats of a Pokemon. Hence, choosing a Nature that boosts Miraidon’s best attributes while lowering the more redundant ones is critical.

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This is why the best Natures for Miraidon are Timid and Modest. Don’t let their conservative names fool you, though, as these Natures will push Miraidon toward becoming an offensive powerhouse.

Modest Nature

The Modest Nature Miraidon gives it all the means to become what it was best suited to be: a dedicated Special Attacker. With Modest, your Miraidon’s Special Attack is increased by 10% at the cost of a 10% deduction to your Attack stat.

This loss is hardly ever felt during battle, as Miraidon’s Attack is its most redundant attribute, and the only Physical Attack it learns through level-up is Outrage.

While Outrage is a respectable move in its own right, even that can be replaced through TMs. If you want a reliable and consistent Dragon-type move, simply give Miraidon Dragon Pulse via TM.

And if you’d like to go for a move even more explosive than Outrage (while accepting the risks that come with it), go for the harder-hitting Special Attack, Draco Meteor.

Timid Nature

Timid is similar to Modest in the regard that it only mitigates Miraidon’s obsolete Attack Stat. However, this time Miraidon gains an increase in its exceptional Speed Stat, letting it outpace some of the most agile Pokemon in the game.

The buffed Speed stat directly translates into Miraidon moving first more often, thus getting a chance to KO opponents before they even get the chance to set up.

Did you know?

Because Miraidon’s best stats are its speed and special attack stat, you will want to have a nature that increases either of these stats. You shouldn’t worry about Miraidon’s attack stat because it is already quite low.

Since Miraidon has the exclusive special ability, Hadron Engine, it already gets an immediate 30% boost to its Special while the Electric Terrain is still active.

Because of this, players might want to opt for Timid when they feel they’d rather outspeed their opponents than deliver that extra sliver of damage through Modest.

Going through the intricate process of hunting a Miraidon with a strong Nature can prove to be well worth the effort. Being one of the strongest legendaries in competitive Pokemon, having a Miraidon build that puts it a notch above the rest is essential if you want to surpass your competition.

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Best Nature for Miraidon FAQ

What type is Miraidon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?

Miraidon is a dual electric/dragon legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

What are the best natures for Miraidon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?

The best natures to pick for Miraidon is between Modest Nature and Timid Nature