Batman: Arkham Knight sees the conclusion of Rocksteady's epic Arkham trilogy. Following the dramatic climax of Arkham City, which saw the demise of Batman's greatest nemesis, Rocksteady has given players the keys to the city, creating a massive open world to explore.

Not only that, but players can now whizz around Gotham in the iconic Batmobile. Chasing down bad guys in Bat's heavily modified wheels, shooting down on-foot crooks (with rubber bullets, of course) and bringing a sense of order to the city as it crumbles around you thanks to the Scarecrow and the mysterious Arkham Knight.

Batman is also tooled up to the nines with a bunch of new gadgets to take down Gotham City's lowest. But as well as all his shiny toys, the Dark Knight has some friends along for the ride. Thanks to Dual Play, Robin, Nightwing and Catwoman can get involved in the combat at the touch of a button, helping to whittle down the crowd and produce some excellent takedowns.

VideoGamer has put together a bunch of guides to help you find your way in the dangerous city, which you can find below.

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