The Movies

Original game where you have to make movies on a variety of sets.

On: PC, PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube

First Released: 11 November 2005 (4 releases)

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  • The Movies website gets an overhaul

    Lionhead Studios has announced the re-launch of The Movies Online site, adding new features for the Stunts & Effects Expansion.


  • The Movies not dead yet

    After Activision announced that it had cancelled the console versions of The Movies, it was thought that was the end the matter, but Lionhead are singing a different tune.


  • Console versions of The Movies canned

    Activision has confirmed that the console versions of The Movies have been cancelled.


  • Try out The Movies

    Activision has announced the release of the PC demo for The Movies, in which you get to try out the game's story mode.


  • Make movies and win a Chrysler Crossfire

    Lionhead Studios and Activision have created the 'Chrysler in the Movies: Virtual Film Competition,' to which entries must be made using 'The Movies' game.


  • The Movies Review

    Lights, camera, action... and script writing, rehab, plastic surgery...


  • The Movies opens in November

    The Movies has gone gold and will be released in Europe on November 11th.


  • The Movies Q&A

    Interview with Lionhead's Online Infrastructure Manager.


  • Your Movies online

    Share your creative masterpieces online and earn money to make better films.



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