Valderas Museum

Valderas Museum
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Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is one of the biggest FPS releases of 2022. The game is set to release on October 28, 2022, but gamers on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC can enjoy the beta version of the title from 24 September to September 26. And what better way to enjoy the game than to hop onto Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer and dive into the Valderas Museum Map?

Valderas Museum Overview

The Valderas Museum is an interesting change of pace from the normal map roster featured in Call of Duty games. The map is brightly lit and introduces modern architecture into the environment. The map features a 6v6 core setup allowing players to partake in Hardpoint, Domination, Search and Destroy and Team Deathmatch Game Modes.

The Valderas Museum, situated in Ronda, Spain features one of the most exorbitant collections of artifacts in Spain. But the museum’s foundation seems to be dirty. Most of the artifacts seemed to be acquired through planned arts for a foundation that doesn’t even exist on paper. SpecGru and KorTac operators are tasked to raid and investigate the Museum.

SpecGru Spawn

The SpecGru spawn allows operators to explore and exploit various sightline openings to eliminate incoming KorTac operators.

  1. SpecGru agents start off at the tramway. You’ll get to navigate a spacious Arrival Plaza before you get to move toward the Entrance Hall rotunda.
  1. While this expansive back area seems to be equivalent to a death trap as they all are in Call of Duty, you can get pretty creative with the limitations you’re offered. Think of your death trap as a means to set up a long sightline for incoming enemies. You can pretty much get around the pieces here and exploit them as makeshift covers or use equipment such as deployable covers to shield yourself from enemy fire while holding ground using Long range weapons.
  1. If you push enemy operators to the western section from the Science Center, use the fencing moving towards the road and take small peeks through the trees to avoid being caught up in a spawn trap.
  1. Additionally, you can take position near the Entrance Hall and set up a 90-meter sightline straight towards the South Gallery where enemy operators are bound to swarm out. Keep a sniper rifle ready for initial engagements and pressure enemies to reroute.
  1. After you’re done pressuring enemy operators, you’ll naturally want to relocate from your initial position. There are several routes you can take such as heading west through the Science Plaza. You can make your way east and navigate through the Gift Shop Walkway or if you feel like it, opt to head straight and through the many entry points of the Entrance Hall and the North Gallery.
  1. The circular formation and setup of the Entrance Hall can be a great cover place or position to ambush a wandering enemy operator. It also offers tons of exit routes for players as well leading right to the Courtyard. Heading right can allow you to make a quick entry into the North Gallery. Optionally, heading East allows you to make your way through a tight hallway that leads to the West Gallery.

KorTac Spawn

  1. KorTac Operators get dropped off right inside the Valderas Museum. To be specific, players spawn in the South Gallery which serves as a terminus for many of the lanes and routes of the map akin to the SpecGru’s nearly located Entrance Hall. The Overlook helps KorTac agents to quickly shift through lanes or catch enemies attempting to escape out of the exhibition area.
  1. KorTac gets to enjoy the many monumental art pieces right at their spawn point, taking in the breathtaking view of the old town and the Cantabrian Range right before the game begins.
  1. Akin to the Arrival Plaza, there’s not a lot to do or exploit at the start of the match. Late into the game, operators can pretty much use the large red spire as a cover piece or if they feel bold, perch over the railings to enjoy clear sightlines to pick some players off over at the Garden Circle.
  1. Or optionally, you can use this area to bait enemies into rushing into the South Gallery as it acts as a meeting point for many of the map’s routes.
  1. You can find two exhibits here that you can exploit to your own advantage. Moving towards the East, you can find yourself vaulting up on one exhibit from a small Balcony from the Overlook. If you still can’t figure it out, the exhibit is a small collection of 18th-century sculptures and vessels.
  1. As you head westwards, you’ll find a Mexican Pop Art Exhibit called the La Exhibicon de Mexicanidad Arte Popular, which celebrates art and culture dating back from the Aztec times all the way to paintings from the region of Las Almas, another map featured in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.
  1. Don’t get too immersed in the artwork if you have a thing for Art Exhibits and Galleries because the hallway creates a pretty long line of vision. Another thing to take into account is the spacious opportunities for Close Quarters Combat in this area.
  1. You might be wondering if the South Gallery is the only way out of Spawn but that’s not the case. You can navigate your way via the busted escalator up to the Western Gallery. Additionally, you can bolt west on the Overlook to reach the Pool. Drop down to the Garden Circle via the Overlook or the South Gallery’s Balcony to reposition yourself.


The Valderas Museum offers five key routes which run from North to South. This offers ideal cross-lane opportunities to operators. Heading East to West, the routes are:

  • From the Science Center to the Garden Circle via Garden
  • North Gallery or Cafe to the Courtyard or the Garden Circle
  • Entrance Hall to the South Gallery via the Courtyard
  • Entrance Hall to the Overlook via the West Gallery located over the Skybridge
  • The Gift Shop to the Poll via the Sculpture Garden of the East Gallery.


Recruit Strats

  1. For beginners and players untrained in the ways of Call of Duty multiplayer, we’ve got some strats that’ll help you get the hang of your first few matches and hopefully get the hang of the game and work your way to adopt the better deck of cards in today’s guide.
  1. The Valderas Museum has a pretty open and expansive environment. Players can converge on each other in places like the Courtyard and the Sandwich as they make their way through the multiple lanes of the map.
  1. You’ll need to learn to anticipate any incoming enemy operators to get a hang of surviving on this map. It’s also a neat map to train your brain on how to spot and take advantage of cover spots while trying to hold multiple angles and pressuring enemies coming from different lanes.
  1. You can experiment and get a hang of the different sightlines spanning from the Courtyards all the way to a large chunk of the Garden section of the map. It’s a pretty easy position to pick off enemies while the rest of your teammates can focus on picking the tougher battles over at the eastern section of the map.
  1. One thing to note and should be obvious to all players or to those curious about the map’s extent is the boundaries of the map. The Valderas Museum is located on a mountainside and anything outside of its zone walls is an instadeath. So, be cautious when navigating the outer ends of the map as one wrong step could mean humiliation.

Veteran Strats

  1. If you’re handy with a sniper rifle and have a keen eye for sightlines, then you’re going to have the time of your life on the Valderas. Most of the sightlines found across the map are in the ranges of 70 to 100 meters, but what if you wanted to get kills across the map and make the enemy choke on their own saliva?
  1. If you want to go for across-the-map kills, look no further. The Western Science Center offers the longest sightline spanning across to the Overlook and the Gardens. With the right adjustment and angle, a sniper rifle can take a clear shot in the range of 110 to 117 meters while getting to enjoy a great view of other lines of vision that encompass the Cafe and the Gallery’s Balcony.
  1. It’s not an easy task but if you have enough experience, expect to totally lockdown an entire section of the map. Just make sure to mute the enemy team.
  1. What can be a death sentence for many can be a place to lock down a wide open space such as the Courtyard. You can make heavy use of Field Upgrades such as the Deployable Cover. In addition, many lines of sight can be pretty much taken care of with a handy smoke drop, allowing squad members to navigate through the sidelines.
  1. If you’re worried about Snipers waiting to peek your head through one of the entry and exit points, then your friendly Inflatable Decoy can come in pretty handy to throw off enemy Sniper fire. 
  1. The new tactical camera addition to the game works pretty well. Make sure to plant them across the Courtyard and other open areas of the map to get a solid view of any spacious area along with another lane too.
  1. The Courtyard can make or break your K/D ratio if you’re in that business. Use the space to create match-winning engagements instead of leaving the enemy team to exploit it.

Prestige Strats

  1. The Valderas Map offers literal windows of opportunity for players to benefit from and exploit. As you’ve observed, there are various windows that span the stretches of the Galleries. These provide opportunities to interrupt enemies engaging in different lanes, disrupting their tactics on the go. Use throwables or perch through the windows and continue moving forward if you see fit.
  1. Exploit the various skylights and the floor-to-ceiling windows that encourage experimentation with equipment that tend to ricochet.
  1. You can also pull this off over at the Bridge found between the South and West Gallery that consists of a set of windows. Take the risk and fling a grenade. If it hits, then dash right over to put an end to the enemy operator’s misery.
  2. The Window Wall found over at the West Gallery is penetrable, to bullets. Try to locate a wall of glass next to the Skybridge and punch through it if an enemy operator is dominating the West Gallery.
  1. If you want to make better use of your movement skills and gain better tactical positions, then look no further. You can find some neat jump shot positions over at the Cafe. The first spot is found on the cafe itself. Vault on top of the trash cans and the tables to climb to the top of the Cafe and behold the glorious view of the Courtyard.
  1. On top of the Barista station is a small perch which you can access by jumping from the Cafe. This provides a better and even more unique line of vision above the Courtyard, the hallways in the West Gallery, and the Gardens.
  1. Last but not least, is the west of the Cafe where you’ll find the bar section of the map. You’ll locate a small table on either side of the bar. Jump from it on top of the bar to get a good sight of the North Gallery. You can also make some clean straight shots over to the West Gallery Hallways as well as the Skybridge.

Additional Tips

  1. SpecGru Spawn

You can pick off enemy operators from the spawn point. Just the fences and the hedges to gain cover as well as some decent lines of sight over to the Science Plaza and the Courtyard. This can very well help you avoid the occasional Spawn Trap.

  1. KorTac Spawn

You can exploit the Overlook as a means to take control over the South Gallery. The South Gallery is a common meeting point for most of the lanes and routes on the Valderas Museum Map.

  1. Map Boundaries

Make sure to stay clear of the edges of the map. Be careful of the drop when you’re navigating along the railings.

  1. CQB

Masters of the SMG loadout and CQB weapon users can very easily lock down the interior sections of the galleries. Make sure to stay weary of the windows to garner the most success.

  1. Courtyard Sightlines

Players accustomed to the Sniper Rifle and long-range weapons should experiment with every possible angle found in the Courtyard spanning to the ends of the garden lane for long shots.

  1. Aerial Killstreaks

If you want to avoid any incoming aerial killstreaks, your safest bet is to make your way to the East Gallery. Otherwise, all the other buildings feature skylights that can turn an operator into an easy target.

  1. Field Upgrades

Make generous use of field upgrades if you’re not sitting on the sidelines. Exploit the empty space with Field Upgrades and Equipment pieces to create new cover points.

  1. Bank Shots

Nearly every window of each building can be used to intercept enemies in adjacent lanes, so make sure to throw an occasional grenade or two. Experiment and learn the rules of the map to nail some impressive throwable kills.

  1. Domination

In Domination mode, you can easily pick off points A and C. Use the gardens to go back and forth between points A and Point C.


And that’s pretty much it for the definitive guide on Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2’s Valderas Museum Multiplayer Map. If you have any questions, let us know in the comments below. We got plenty more guides lined up so stay tuned for more. Till then, peace out!

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 will officially release on October 28, 2022, for the PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X, PlayStation 4, and Windows PC.