Breenbergh Hotel

Breenbergh Hotel
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The Breenbergh Hotel is one of the 6v6 core maps offered in the Call of Duty Modern Warfare Beta and will also be making its way to the game when it officially launches on October 28, 2022.

The map features a medium-sized layout allowing players to experiment with all the different playstyles they can go with. The map offers players a few lengthy corridors for long-range combat, but there are also the occasional tight corners and squeezes that can be exploited by the expert SMG pusher.

Two factions, the KorTac and the SpecGru get to engage in 6v6 matches to see who comes out on top. KorTac operators are given the opportunity to make their way stealthily via the private parking area. Meanwhile, the SpecGru team makes their way to push into the hotel via the main entrance.

Spawn Points


  1. Now, let’s get into the spawn point for the KorTac. The planters and the waterfalls can be used as an obstacle to block any incoming fire. You could very use this as a cover to gun and hide. You can also use the pool located below the patio for the very same tactic, and if you’re bold enough, you can also get a peek inside the Atrium.
  1. It’s up to the player to decide if they wish to push up to the Atrium or relocate east towards the larger portion of the Patio. It’s located right behind the Kitchen. So, if you want an immediate jump into the eastmost lane, that’s your queue.
  1. You can also opt to make your way westwards to the Valet and Rooftop. Note that the Rooftop’s glass flooring peeks at a van. Now, make your way to the map’s split, Western Lane.
  1. The back spawn area can become a bit of a place of conflict as the match progresses, so keep your eyes peeled. The Rooftop does certainly offer players the height advantage, but you can also exploit the cover below it.


  1. Now’s the time for SpecGru Operators to shine. These operators get the opportunity for a much simple strategy to make their way into the hotel. The entrance of the hotel offers three well-defined points of entry into the interior of the building.
  1. If you make your way towards the main entrance, you’ll find yourself in the main Lobby, which offers players exclusive access to the other two sections from the streets.
  1. If you opt to go West, you enter the Spa. Choose to go east, and you’ll find the Burned car that caused the evacuation of the hotel in the first place. Navigate your way to the hole in the building to access the Chandelier area allowing you to dominate the eastmost lane of the map in advance.
  1. While the entry street doesn’t seem to be so crowded, it’s a good way to catch enemies off guard if they ever decide to adopt a silent and stealthy approach. Or, if you’re going on the defensive, take cover behind fire trucks and bolt straight into the hotel.


Players can adopt a multitude of routes as they make their way to the Breenbergh Hotel consisting of 

  • Valet Reception, Underpass, Penthouse through the Bar to the Spa
  • Atrium to the Check-In and the Lobby
  • Kitchen to Restaurant to Store and Chandelier.

Strategies and Tactics

Recruit Level Strats

  1. The open-air design of the hotel can leave you vulnerable to any incoming aerial killstreaks. If you ever get a warning of a killstreak, make sure to make your way to the sides of the bar, the underpass, the spa, the library area, the valet reception, and the Kitchen.
  1. Considering how crowded and busy the Atrium and the Split level bar can get during fire-fights, newer players should opt to dominate the eastern lane located down the Restaurant and the Kitchen.

Veteran Level Strats

  1. You can take control of the sightline from the bar, which is found on the rooftop, all the way back to the Patio. This area spans a distance of around 60-70 meters, so it can be an ideal spot for snipers to take position.
  1. If you want to take over and dominate another long-distance region, you can head on over to the raised hallway into the Atrium that stretches down to the hallway to the Bar. For cover, make sure of the columns and the short walls.
  1. We can find two other sightlines for you to control. Both of them push past 50 meters. Use the massive doors of the lobby to get a peek at the Spa and the Bar. Optionally, you can make use of the Store to get a clear view of the lobby entrance.
  1. As for open spaces, you’ll need to make good use of some field upgrades. To fill out these exposed zones, make sure to set up obstacles ranging from tactical decoys to deployable covers to take control.
  1. Additionally, smoke drops can also be pretty useful if detonated right in the middle of the Atrium or Bar, hindering the clear line of sight.
  1. For those that prefer reconnaissance, you can opt for the Recon Drone and fly it above the hotel to mark down targets. If not, you can get a hold of the existing security cameras across that give you a clear view of the Bar, Atrium, and the walkway between the two.

Specialist Level Tactics

  1. We wouldn’t recommend you make your way up to the walkway located between the bar and the Atrium, as it leaves you completely exposed. Go for it if you’re an advanced-level player and can fend yourself in tight positions.
  1. The walkway can serve as a double-edged sword. It offers players the high ground, allowing them to get a clear view of the southern part of the Atrium. You can pin the enemy into the Patio this way. But beware, new players could barely handle the walkway due to the thin fence making one easy pickings. You basically become a sitting chicken at that point, so keep moving around picking off enemies over at the Atrium and the Patio. Ideally, you could also make use of a deployable cover in this scenario.
  1. The Store, the lobby, and the  Chandelier sections offer huge windows of opportunity, literally. If you’re located within the Hotel, use the interior for cover and peek out the windows if the enemy is in the streets. The unique positions offer players a chance to totally dominate the enemy.

Additional Tips

  1. KorTac Spawn

The midsection of the patio can allow players to obtain a better sigh of the Atrium. On the other hand, you could also head to the Penthouse to take full control of the west lane or through the kitchen.

  1. SpecGru Spawn

    The outdoor spawn area doesn’t offer much leverage or positions of power to the SpecGru. Your best bet is to rush through the entrance to either the bar or spread out in the Restaurant.
  1. Defensive and Offensive

    It’s easy to get kills or be killed whenever you make your way to the Atrium, Bar, or Restaurant. But if you’re looking to catch your breath, the Check-in Library, Kitchen, Underpass, and Spa are your best bet.
  2. Atrium

    Never make your way through the Atrium’s center if it’s busy. If not, still opt to move through the seating area, the side hallway, or avoid it.
  3. Restaurant

    The seating booths over at the Restaurant offer great cover and positional advantage in firefights, especially near the Kitchen/Storage areas and Restrooms.
  4. ChekIn Area

    The Check-In Area’s desk allows impenetrable cover for players when you’re watching over the upper portion of the bar.
  5. Walkway

    The Walkway joins the Penthouse and the Restaurant and looks over the Atrium. Figure out how to anticipate enemies from the Patio and the remaining entry points to dominate the Atrium.
  6. Domination

    If the enemy takes the B flag, make use of the bar to dominate from another angle. Or run around the map and take control of their A or C flags.
  7. Search And Destroy

    You need to take control of the sightlines for the A site before you plant the Bomb. The best way to do this is to spread across the Penthouse, concierge desk, and elevated Bar area to make sure the bomb is planted as planned.
  8. Hardpoint
    If you’re an aggressive player, your best bet is to use the Lobby Hill to dominate and control the eastern lane via the Restaurant and then proceed to control the Kitchen area.


And that’s all there is to the Breenbergh Hotel 6V6 Core Map for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. Make use of all that you’ve learned about the map and dominate the enemy.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 will release on October 28, 2022, for the Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Windows PC.