Tom Orry, Editor - DIRT 2, Xbox 360, PS3

I must have been in a tremendously bad mood a few weeks ago when I moaned about the menus in DIRT 2. Sure, they're not the most functional you're likely to see in a video game, but they look gorgeous. More importantly, the game behind the menus is bloody brilliant - so brilliant in fact that the game earned a superb 9/10 review score earlier in the week. I've always had a soft spot for rally games, with the thrill of sliding around bends being second to none in the racing game genre, and DIRT 2 delivers that in spades, along with some utterly sublime visuals. Pre-order it now.

James Orry, News Editor - Football Manager Live, PC & The Beatles: Rock Band

Well, this will come as a shock; I've actually played a game that isn't Football Manager Live this week. I spent what must have been at least 30 minutes showing Neon how to play guitar in The Beatles: Rock Band. After that brief moment of madness I quickly turned my attention back to FM Live and won my opening match in the Premier League. I've now had my best start to a season, with ten points from my opening five games - only losing to the the top team - I lost that 1-0, but put in a very respectable performance. If only there was a way to mix The Beatles with football management.

Sebastian Ford, Video Producer - Mini Ninjas, Xbox 360, PS3, PC and Wii

Ninininjas! That is apparently the sound made by adorable woodland creatures that have been magically turned into mindless samurai warriors. I mean it makes sense; if I was going to create an all powerful army, and I might, then the Animals of Farthing Wood should logically be my first port of call? Surely? Reassuringly, the animals do return to their previous, precious forms upon slaying the samurai drones that occupy them. Mini Ninjas has a really happy-go-lucky, family friendly, and all round cute charm about it... a charm that I suspect would dissolve quickly behind a trail of slaughtered bunnies, badgers and foxes.

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