Tom Orry, Editor - Football Manager 2016, PC

I'm now entirely focused on the future of Nottingham Forest, buying young talent in the hope to build a team that will grow into something special - or at least be good enough to get promotion to the Premier League. I'm still massively hamstrung by a small transfer budget, but I offloaded some of the older squad players and managed to free up almost £7 million to be used on savvy acquisitions (or so I'm hoping). I'm confident I can get promotion within two seasons, but Football Manager has always been great at suddenly making you rethink things. In reality I'm probably going to be a relegation battle having bought 10 kids who can't even tie their own shoelaces.

Dave Scammell, News Editor - Just Cause 3, PS4

I've struggled to get into JC3 anywhere near as much as I'd been expecting to, instead dipping back into it every now and then in the hope that something will finally click. My biggest problem with it is that it gives you plenty of tools with which to have fun, but sets unnecessary rules to take it away, like being handed the keys to your dream car and being forced to drive it through Croydon's rush hour traffic. And trust me, that is Not Fun. Like, ever.

It's fairly easy to die in Just Cause 3 (or at least it is when I'm playing it), getting overwhelmed by helicopters and naval gunships and being given relatively little ammo with which to handle yourself. Shooting at anything that doesn't explode isn't particularly exciting, either, and it's disappointing that Avalanche doesn't seem to have significantly improved the gunplay from JC2. But even then, (and maybe I'm looking back with rose-tinted glasses), I don't remember JC2 suffering from anywhere near as many problems as its sequel. The controls are awkward, the environment seems oddly familiar, and it can often seem like more of a chore to play than a thrill.

I don't know, maybe next month's jet pack DLC will finally be the thing to do it. But right now, JC3 seems destined to be one of those games let down by its own rule book, when it should have been the one game in the world that dared to blow it up.

Alice Bell, Junior Staff Writer - Bloodborne, PS4

This week I've mostly still been hammering away at Bloodborne, though I suspect my own progress with it will be massively eclipsed by Miller and Tom's new regular stream of it with their character Power Jabroni, even though that is clearly a worse name than my character's (which is Tits McGee). Anyway, I've opened up all of the shortcuts through Yharnam now, and just have to beat that asshole Father Gascoigne. Trying to do it earnestly has only got me as far as his second phase (even by using the weird music box the poor frightened girl gave me, which, by the way, doesn't make me feel any better about fighting Gascoigne, since the girl asked me to find her parents and my response is going to be to slaughter her father) so I'm just going to try and get him stuck on the scenery.

Not that any of you care about me anymore. Fucking Jabroni.

Luckily the internet just got switched on in my new flat, so I can get fired into The Division beta over the weekend.

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