Some of us play football games, not so much for fun, but as a way of life. When we ask the question, "Do you want a game?", it doesn't mean we want to play Halo or CoD, it means we want to kick your arse at the latest FIFA or PES. But it's a love/hate relationship. Here are the things we love and hate about football games.

Love: The last-minute winner


We love scoring a winning goal in the last minute and shouting abuse at someone on the other side of the world. Something just takes over our usual placid personalities.

Love and Hate: Who needs sleep?


If you haven't played with mates until 4am, with work the next day, you haven't really played a football game at all. The winner is the last person still awake. Not so great the morning after.

Love and Hate: Sneaky


This might be a little cheap, but if you really want to win, no matter the cost, nicking the ball from the defender as he receives it from the keeper is always worth attempting. You'll kick yourself if it happens to you.

Hate: Cocky git


There's always one loud-mouth git who can't resist talking smack and showing off every second of a game. The fact that these idiots are also good at the game gets our goat.

Love: The comeback


There's nothing better than coming back from a big deficit and witnessing the gradual muting of a gobby show-off. It was 0-3 and now it's 3-3 and you can hardly control your excitement - but you must as the silence is golden.

Love: Goalies don't need to dive


We've all done it, either on purpose or because we forgot to dive, but saving a pen while rooted to the spot is always amazing. Just never admit that you actually wanted to dive towards the bottom corner.

Hate: Oh no! You're only a child


It's easy to get a bit irate when playing football games online, especially when some git quits a match that you're winning. Just be careful about sending an abusive message venting your frustration as that cheater might just be a nine-year-old scamp.

Love and Hate: Deliberate fouls


If you're losing badly the only fun left is deliberately hacking down the opposition. It's great, but if you're on the receiving end it somehow tarnishes your great victory.

Love: Your goalie wants to be Lionel Messi


Goalies have skills too. If there's an ultimate way to score a goal in football games, it's with your keeper. Dribbling through the entire opposition and scoring is a dream come true, but more often than not you'll be tackled at the first hurdle and end up feeling quite embarrassed.

Hate: I'm having a drink, you git!


Everyone knows that when the ball goes out for a throw-in or corner, you're allowed to pause for a quick sip of whatever brew you've got within reach. It's not cool when your opponent takes a quick corner and runs through your defence to score. The friendship is over.

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