The week has been packed with major gaming events, with only a royal's bare breasts able to steal away the headlines. I'm yet to see them, but a new console from Nintendo and the next iPhone has to be more exciting, right?

Wii U is coming and it's not as cheap as everyone wanted it to be. Boooooooooo. You're looking at £250 for the Basic 8GB version and £300 for the 32GB model with a copy of Nintendo Land, which for a new console launch doesn't sound overly pricey so long as the launch games aren't mostly current-gen ports... oh.

Those convinced by the Wii U will be able to enjoy the new console from November 30, whilst everyone else may want to secure some hands on time at a location (hopefully) near you.

Failing that, perhaps this launch title montage will convince you a pre-order is a fantastic idea.


Wii U wasn't the only new toy dated this week, with Apple finally unveiling its somewhat underwhelming iPhone 5, which promises two times the graphics of the 4S. No doubt consumers will still bend over backwards to get the iPhone 5, but there doesn't seem to be quite the same level of hype around this launch as with previous Apple products.

It's been a great week for game reviews, with five titles scoring an eight or better. Joe Danger 2 comes out on top with a stonking 9/10, whilst Battlefield 3: Armored Kill, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, LittleBigPlanet Vita and Guild Wars 2 each scored a very respectable eight.


The FIFA 13 demo finally arrived - a day late on PS3 - to record interest with two million downloads in just three days. EA also said that 875,000 pre-orders have been made and the signs are positive for 13 doing better than 12. However, Konami believes this will be the year that PES is seen as a genuine contender - look out for our verdict next week.

Another game with huge pre-orders was Guild Wars 2, and this week NCsoft announced the game has now gone on to sell two million copies worldwide.

One place you certainly won't be buying your games anymore will be Gamestation, with GAME Retail confirming all 122 Gamestation stores are to be rebranded GAME in the next few months. GAME says the new stores will combine the best of both brands, with Gamestation's "We Won't Be Beaten On Trade-In" set to continue. video making man Matt has also been hard at work this week, churning out lots of great video content for games including X-Com, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and FIFA 13. You'll find two of his best below.



Remember you also have this week's podcast to listen to - that's if you're not a super fan who has already let the sounds into your ears. It's episode 60 and Matt is hosting because Neon's away. Highlights include bees and rapping.

I'm off to perform a Google search.