It's my birthday on Saturday and we're off for some drinks this evening to celebrate my impending metamorphosis into a thirty-something. It's with immense pleasure, then, that I get to spend my last afternoon as a twenty-something writing this much loved feature. In no way have I put less effort into this article in order to finish early.

Besides my birthday - and incidentally Tom's too as he's my twin - Rockstar dominated the majority of headlines this week thanks to the minor news that GTA 5 will be released in spring 2013. Sadly Rockstar isn't planning on releasing the game on PC, but does have lots of interesting plans for DLC and pre-order items. Sadly, the devastating Hurricane Sandy prevented Rockstar from getting a brand-new trailer out this week.


Medal of Honor: Warfighter charted at No.1 in the UK video game chart, which by our estimates means it sold over 70,000 copies during its opening weekend. However, professional analyst - professionalyst - Michael Pachter believes Warfighter has performed so poorly - both critically and commercially - that there won't be a sequel and EA's hopes of becoming the No.1 FPS publisher have been dashed. All this points to the inevitability of Battlefield being annualised, even if EA believes Warfighter is better than the mean critics have said.

In other news, the Captain Price voice actor outed Modern Warfare 4, FIFA 13 has sold a massive 7.4 million copies worldwide, Borderlands 2 has shipped five million copies worldwide, and a PS Vita was used to advertise a woman with four breasts.


It was also a big week for reviews, including Football Manager 2013, Assassin's Creed 3, NFS Most Wanted, WWE 13 and a little game called Halo 4.

Before the crew packs up for the day and heads off to a grubby watering hole in Croydon there's just time to point you in the direction of the latest Podcast and episode 6 of Disc Lickers.

Happy hour only runs until 7pm so I better run.