Mario Kart Wii has had an incredible launch in the UK. In its first week on sale it sold more than the combined total of all five previously released Mario Wii games in their launch week. One of its big selling points for fans of previous Mario Kart games is the inclusion of numerous classic tracks. To give you an idea of how these have been recreated on the Wii we've put together two videos, comparing the Nintendo 64 tracks to the remastered versions and the GameCube tracks to their remastered versions.

Please note: Audio could not be captured from Mario Kart: Double Dash.

Nintendo 64 Vs. Wii


Mario Kart 64 is a bit of a marmite game for fans of the series, with players either falling into the 'love it' or 'hate it category'. We happen to love it here at HQ, but this video shows just how dated the visuals now look. While the remastered tracks aren't graphical showcases, they are a clear improvement over the blocky N64 visuals. Click above for comparison footage of Mario Raceway, Sherbert Land, DK's Jungle Parkway and Bowser's Castle.

GameCube Vs. Wii


We'll tell you straight: we're not big fans of Double Dash. Although it was fun when played with a group of friends, it was a little too weapon-focussed for our liking. It looked pretty good though, and that's evident in the video comparison above. You'll see Peach Beach, Waluigi Stadium, Mario Circuit and DK Mountain in action, but it's probably only Mario's rather unusual kart in Double Dash that'll give it away.

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