Welcome to Heads-up, our weekly feature which gives you an at-a-glance run-down on the games you'll be able to buy or rent this weekend. Every Tuesday we'll pick out the best of the bunch, link to our reviews and previews and keep you in the video game loop so you have enough time to pre-order for Friday's post. Time to splash the cash.


We've still got a few weeks to go before the release schedule really heats up - Dead Space 2 and LittleBigPlanet 2 are lurking on the horizon. As for this week, only one game really revs our engine, and that's Capcom's Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective. It's a DS adventure game from the same brain which brought us Phoenix Wright, and Neon and I are currently fighting over who gets first dibs on the office copy. Jamin is also interested but he's too busy to argue. Expect a review when the dust settles.

Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective - DS

Worth a look

Completing a double-bill of DS releases, Kingdom Hearts: Re-coded is a DS update of some fancy mobile phone game that nobody ever played. VideoGamer's resident JRPG supremo Jamin Smith is playing through it right now - expect a review later in the week. His current thoughts? "I'm about to fight Cloud!" he recently squealed.

Elsewhere we've got DC Universe Online, an MMORPG from Sony Online Entertainment. It's the first MMO to run on the PS3, but if you've got a PC set up for World of Warcraft then you'll also be able to play it on that. We've not had a chance to get to grips with it yet, but the idea of grinding levels with Batman certainly has a certain appeal.

Kingdom Hearts: Re-coded - DS

DC Universe Online - PC, PS3

And the rest...

Buzz! Ultimate Music Quiz - PSP