The console war is fought everywhere these days, but the internet seems to be where people are most vocal. It also serves to give each console its own set of downloadable content, fuelling the war even more. Each week we'll give you a run-down of what's available to download on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii, and declare a winner.

Note: This round-up is based on UK releases to each console's online service. Releases outside of the UK could vary.

PlayStation 3 - PSN


This week's PSN line-up is spearheaded by the two-track expansion for Sony's hit off-road racer MotorStorm, priced at a not too bad £3.49. Also on the expansion front is Pigly for Folklore. This gives you some new folk to collect, and it's free. On the retro gaming front, the line-up isn't so great, with PlayStation games N20 and Hardcore 4x4 available for £3.49 each.

Non-interactive content includes videos of PixelJunk Monsters and Devil May Cry 4, plus four wallpapers for Devil May Cry 4.


N2O - £3.49

Hardcore 4X4 - £3.49


Double track pack (MotorStorm) - £3.49

Pigly (Folklore) Free


PixelJunk Monsters Trailer - Free

DMC4 TGS Trailer 2 - Free


Devil May Cry 4 Wallpaper 1

Devil May Cry 4 Wallpaper 2

Devil May Cry 4 Wallpaper 3

Devil May Cry 4 Wallpaper 4

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Xbox 360 - Marketplace


Xbox 360 owners have two new LIVE Arcade games to buy this week, although they are of differing quality - and price. Tron will set you back 400 MS Points but this port of the Arcade 'classic' doesn't stand up well today, meaning it's one for nostalgia fans only. Omega 5 is an impressive looking shmup that, strangely for a game from the genre, has never appeared in an Arcade. This hasn't stopped the game from receiving plenty of hype from hardcore fans, although our full verdict will arrive next week.

Top of the Microsoft Points bill this week is the expansion for Midway's excellent Stranglehold. 1200 MS Points will get you 10 new maps, 21 new character skins and 250 new Gamerpoints to earn. As good as all this new stuff is, the problem is that Stranglehold's multiplayer was never what made it such an entertaining game. For those who grew to love the game's multiplayer experience though, this should add plenty to get on with.

If you want to unlock all the bonus content in Activision's Transformers then 500 MS Points will get you all the levels, G1 skins and bonus content - it's worth noting that these can all be unlocked by playing through the game. Naruto fans also get the Choji & Temari pack, which gives two new characters and three new arenas.

Elsewhere we've got a demo for SEGA's The Club, videos from MLG and Red vs Blue, a Tron theme and gamer pic set, and plenty of music videos from ex pop Queen Britney Spears.

Xbox LIVE Arcade Games

Tron: 400 MS Points

Omega 5: 800 MS Points


Stranglehold Expansion Pack: 1200 MS Points

Transformers Unlockable Bundle: 500 MS Points

Naruto - Rise of a Ninja: Choji & Temari: 500 MS Points


The Club


Tron Theme: 150 MS Points

Gamer Pics

Tron Gamer Pics: 100 MS Points


MLG Pro Circuit: Episode 4: 160 MS

MLG Pro Circuit: Episode 5: 160 MS Points.

Red vs Blue Episode 27 - Nine-tenths of the Law: 80 MS

Music Videos

Britney Spears - (You Drive Me) Crazy: 200 MS

Britney Spears '...Baby One More Time': 200 MS Points

Britney Spears - Boys: 200 MS Points

Britney Spears - Gimme More: 200 MS Points

Britney Spears - I'm a Slave 4 U: 200 MS Points

Britney Spears - Me Against the Music featuring Madonna: 200 MS Points

Britney Spears - Oops I did It Again: 200 MS Points

Britney Spears - Toxic: 200 MS Points

Katie Melua: 3 videos, 200 MS Points each

Maximo Park: 4 videos, 200 MS Points each

Jose Gonzalez: 2 videos, 200 MS Points each

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Wii Virtual Console


Wii owners have significantly less to choose from compared to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 owners, but two retro games can't be sniffed at. StarTropics is an action adventure game from Nintendo, first released on the NES back in 1990. Although it looks more than a little ropey these days, 400 Wii Points makes it worth a punt.

SEGA's Alien Storm hit the Mega Drive back in 1991 and offers similar side-scrolling arcade action, making it similar to Golden Axe and Altered Beast except with guns. Two-player co-op play adds to the fun, so if you're after some arcade-action, this 800 Wii Point shooter might be worth a look.

StarTropics - NES (500 Wii Points)

Alien Storm - Mega Drive (800 Wii Points)

And the winner of this week's DLC Royal Rumble is...

Xbox 360 Marketplace

It's fair to say that Xbox 360 owners certainly have the best line-up of downloadable content this week. We'd rank Omega 5 as the best full game available to download across the platforms this week, and 360 owners get three expansion packs. If you happen to like a bit of Britney Spears, the eight music videos are also exclusive to the Xbox 360.