Are video games art? It's a debate that will rage on until dinosaurs are resurrected from amber, are placed in a theme park, then break loose and kill all mankind. While we're waiting for that to happen, mobile app Prisma (which is now available for iOS and Android devices) lets you turn video game screenshots into actual artwork.

We've taken some of the best snaps from world-renowned video game forum and international piss-boiling bait takers NeoGAF and transformed them. Look on in wonder.

Uncharted 4

Uncharted 4 prisma

Uncharted 4 is already one of, if not the best looking games ever made. Put it through one of Prisma's filters and you get this. Quite wonderful.

Original source: Lys Skygge -

God of War 3

God of war 3 prisma

God of War is an incredible looking PS3 game. It looks so good, the PS4 remaster holds up pretty well too.

Original source: Shin-Ra -


Bloodborne prisma

We don't all love Bloodborne here at, but we do appreciate its art style. Run it through a filter and you get striking images like this.

Original source: Wishmaster92 -

Resident Evil 7: Beginning Hour demo

Resident evil 7 prisma

The Resi 7 demo got a lof of people talking, mainly about a mannequin's severed finger, but it's also a pretty (if you like the aesthetic of murder houses) game.

Original source: Vasilisk -

Red Dead Redemption

Red dead redemption prisma

As the only last-gen game in this feature, Rockstar's Red Dead Redemption still holds up well when pushed through the Prisma app.

Original source: Etta -

The Witcher 3

Witcher 3 prisma

Gorgeous game, gorgeous artwork.

Original source: NucelarGen -


Doom prisma

Doom is perhaps the most impressive 60fps game on consoles. It looks great, and the sci-fi style translates brilliantly to this artistic style.

Original source: Dumb -

Quantum Break

Quantum break prisma

Say what you want about the Xbox One, but Quantum Break is one of this generation's most impressive looking games.

Original source: Caayn -

Far Cry Primal

Far cry primal prisma

Ubisoft is on the end of a lot of criticism, mostly centred on visual 'downgrades', but its games still look great. Far Cry Primal is no exception.

Original source: Javin98 -

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