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Quantic Dream believes Remedy's upcoming live-action video/game hybrid Quantum Break is an "interesting" concept, telling VideoGamer.com that it "applaud(s) any developer who is trying to put more story and more meaning into their games".

"I'm not totally clear about [Quantum Break], to be perfectly honest," said Beyond: Two Souls producer Guillaume de Fondaumiere when asked for his thoughts on Remedy's game. "No harm intended, I just saw what they presented during the Xbox press conference. But what I understand is that it's going to be a series and the game probably uses stories and characters to influence each other."

But despite not knowing much about it, de Fondaumiere believes Remedy's game "[could] be interesting".

"We applaud any developer who is trying to put more story and more meaning into their games, because this is what we believe in," he continues. "For instance, The Walking Dead we applaud with two hands. We think it's a great avenue. We don't think all games should be like this, but we don't think that we should be the only ones to do these types of games."

Quantic Dream has become famous for developing 'interactive dramas' following its work on 2005 supernatural murder-mystery Fahrenheit and 2010's Heavy Rain.

Its next release, Beyond: Two Souls, stars Ellen Page as Jodie Holmes, telling the tale of her life and death as a CIA operative.

The game is due for release this October.

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BC_Animus@ NathanFlynn

Originally Posted by NathanFlynn
Cage is awful director. Havy Rain plot was total disaster.

I liked it anyways, the experience the game gave me was amazing. Still haven't felt that intense or capivated by any other game since Heavy Rain. Fahrenheit was flawed too, but the way it played was amazing too. The opening level is still the best among one out there.

And god have you seen their tech demo videos? The Heavy Rain casting and the android one? F**king amazing.

I've said it before, Cage and his folks knows how to make amazing cinematic experiences. If they fail in the gaming business they can always move on to the films industry.

And @Dave yeah it makes sense when you put it like that. It's hard to tell somehows with articles on the net since you tend to get a lot of seemingly random quotes which are often taken out of context. Anyways damn you Dave, now I'm starting to get interested in the One box...
Posted 01:20 on 18 June 2013
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VG_Dave@ BC_Animus

I asked Guillaume for his thoughts because Remedy seems to be trying to blur the lines between TV/film and games with Quantum Break - something Quantic Dream have clearly been attempting for years with their games.

Hope that clears up any confusion. I'm not going crazy - honest!
Posted 19:08 on 17 June 2013
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NathanFlynn@ BC_Animus

Cage is awful director. Havy Rain plot was total disaster.
Posted 17:26 on 17 June 2013
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THIS is why I love Cage and his people - they're all about the gaming experience, and not about sales or platforms. I love how they dare to try different things in order to deliver unique experiences in their games, and I am loving how they could show loyalty to one platform, while at the same time show respect for developers working on other platforms.

Having said that, I know nothing about Quantum Break, and have no idea why the interviewer was asking Quantic Dream folks about a game that has nothing to do with them... It has however put Quantum Break on my map though, and I'm starting to consider putting down a pre-order on the One box...
Posted 13:56 on 17 June 2013

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