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Medal of Honor: Warfighter screenshot
Medal of Honor: Warfighter screenshot

Medal of Honor: Warfighter is a better game than critics are giving it credit for, EA told investors during its overnight earnings call.

The game launched last week and has performed under EA's expectations.

"Medal of Honor Warfighter shipped last week and the highly anticipated Need for Speed Most Wanted launched today in North America," explained CEO John Riccitiello. "While we are very pleased with the demand indicators on Need for Speed, the Medal of Honor launch is coming in below our expectations."

And EA believes critics have been overly harsh on the military sequel.

"On Medal of Honor, we're disappointed with the critical reception," said EA Labels President Frank Gibeau. "Our internal testing and mock reviews indicated that the game is better than the actual score that we have right now, and we believe that it is.

"However, we are seeing some folks out there that just don't like the game. We believe that it's going to find an audience. It's been - had a good track record over the weekend in the UK. We're going to continue to support the game going forward with marketing and additional content." Analysis awarded Medal of Honor: Warfighter a 5/10, which Gibeau probably feels is a little harsh.

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User Comments

rbevanx's Avatar

rbevanx@ ryuho

That's a lot of barking right there...
Posted 11:08 on 02 November 2012
Wido's Avatar


Holy cow... Long time since we've had one of those come into our patch. Must of left the herd by accident.
Posted 11:07 on 02 November 2012
Joey_Bananas's Avatar

Joey_Bananas@ ryuho

Click for Image
Posted 10:39 on 02 November 2012
altaranga's Avatar


Uh oh... fanboy...

Posted 08:20 on 02 November 2012
ryuho's Avatar

ryuho@ Joey_Bananas

MW3 sucked plz dont mention that piece of crap 1 pixel game against BF3 wich btw is the best multiplayer fps so far thx.

At least danger close did some changes unlike activision wich do the exact same game without changes since 2007
Posted 04:34 on 02 November 2012
ryuho's Avatar

ryuho@ Wido

what framerate are u kidding ? the game runs fcking smooth even smoother than BF3

unless you mention crappy consoles then might be a prob
but on a pc of 3.5 years old the games runs awesome.
Posted 04:31 on 02 November 2012
ryuho's Avatar


I just finished the SP
And all i can say is that yes while it might be kinda short (bigger than CoD tho)
The game dont deserve hate or to be compared with CoD MW,Good sequences,i loved the car chase in dubai it was awesome and the ending was very powerful.

Fck the haters,and all those sites that keeps giving CoD 8.5-9.0 while changing NOTHING since cod4,at least MoH:Warfighter did bring some change bith gameplay wise and changed the engine with frost2...something activision forgot since 2007
Posted 04:26 on 02 November 2012
Wido's Avatar


I finished the game last night and it was enjoyable to say the least. I feel as if the critics were a bit harsh, but Danger Close had it coming to be honest, lets not deny that. Using the Frostbite Engine 2.0, Warfighter had a lot more 'Ommpphh!' to it that compared to the previous game. The scenes were fantastic and up there with the best that this current generation offers. The gameplay was typical standard FPS and not really doing anything major to stand out from its rivals, and it was definitely like Battlefield 3. Going prone and sprinting plus melee was the exact same feel as Battlefield 3 and was a lazy inplementation from the developer.

I finished the campaign on hard and it was no challenge. Finished it just over 5hrs, so yeah, quick, easy and no reward finishing it on hard to my didappointment. The multiplayer on the other hand is pretty good. Can see it being played a lot but no community when Black Ops 2, Halo 4 arrive with their vast communities and the DLC to arrive for them. Of course looking from a Xbox perspective here, as it maybe different for the PS3.

The game had a few issues as well. The framerate was crap at times and the HD texture download that you needed to do doesnt make that much of a difference. I encountered a freeze during a scene and glitch/bug on the second last mission which had me falling through the map. Unlucky for me my checkpoint was that glitch so I had to restart the whole mission again.

Fun game to kill time, though I would wait till it hits the bargain bins. 6/10 to 7/10 maximum in my opinion
Posted 07:28 on 01 November 2012
mydeaddog's Avatar


If EA is so convinced it's a good game, why didn't they bother to send out review code until the day it was released?

Hardly a sign of confidence in their product.
Posted 17:48 on 31 October 2012
Timid's Avatar


Yep. It still has bugs needing a fix after that 1.7 GB patch.

It is in danger of being worse than critics have reviewed it as, not better.
Posted 16:09 on 31 October 2012
Joey_Bananas's Avatar


I suppose if someone has came into MOHWF after not playing many other FPS games in the genre, they might enjoy it more than those who have played many others and can see its flaws.

The production values just aren't there with MOHWF as they are with Battlefield 3, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and other modern conflict related shooters like Spec Ops: The Line. Going further afield you can compare the amount of polish on the game to be very lacklustre when you pit it against relative out-of-the-blue titles like Dishonored and XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

You would think MOHWF with the amount of money thrown at it and with all the advertising, it would be worthy to be part of the genre but it's evident that it's a stop gap between Battlefield 3 and 4 and wasn't meant to be long-lasting anyway. This is just an insult to those who're looking for fresh and fun FPS games yet we've been presented with a mediocre one.

Releasing it at full AAA pricing is a punch in the face too. Some games realise they don't command a AAA price and are put up for sale as such. This is one of them.
Posted 13:46 on 31 October 2012
rbevanx's Avatar

rbevanx@ squidman

Yeah it's sort of a nasty rumour but at the end of the day, it's subjective. I'm just astonished that in this case there has been such a huge gap between the gamer and critic.
I know there is a fair amount of the times but this one I thought was really odd personally as it felt such like such a big difference.

I'm hoping Wido will see this anyway and post why, as you just can't on twitter lol.
Posted 12:44 on 31 October 2012
squidman's Avatar

squidman@ rbevanx

No, we didn't even begin playing it until the day 1 patch had been applied. As far as I'm aware no critic was given access to the game until the day 1 patch had been released.

After the patch I still ran into plenty of bugs, in both single and multiplayer. Especially multiplayer.

I think there's an argument to say that the critics have come down quite hard on the game, but I think it's entirely deserved. Dave's looking forward to playing MoH as a, like, mindless shooter you can just plough through and rack up some kills. It works as that - heck, I'd probably play it like that when I've got a week off work and it's a tenner in the bargain bin - but I just think it's a badly designed game. I don't think it deserves anything more than it got, but obviously if you guys like it that's fine. Would love to hear what everyone thinks about it in more detail!
Posted 12:38 on 31 October 2012
MJTH's Avatar

MJTH@ rbevanx

I think all reviewers were given review code for the game on day of release, i.e same day as the day one patch. That's why reviews were late and the reason why the game did pretty well in it's first week. Anyone who usually bases whether they cancel a pre-order or was not able to see score in time before the game was shipped to them.
Posted 12:29 on 31 October 2012


What a pointless press release.

If I say, for example, my Computing coursework is better than it's been marked does that mean it'll get marked higher? No of course it doesn't - it'll get the appropriate mark for the effort that's been put in.

I used to really like EA - they were my favourite publisher - but that's rapidly changing, in part sue to stupid things like this. 2K's now taken that honour, though!
Posted 12:24 on 31 October 2012

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