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Gearbox Software boss Randy Pitchford has said that he believes gaming is still stuck "in the stone ages", saying that "all games suck compared to where they could be."

"You contemplate that the opportunity for complexity will expand with the technology, and we're not even close to where [games] could be," Pitchford told GamesIndustry International.

"Games suck, frankly. Compared to where they could be, all games suck."

So, what's the solution to getting games out of the stone age? Well, Pitchford thinks that billion dollar budgets could lead to even more spectacular titles.

"It's going to be exciting to be part of a $100 million development team, or a $500 million, or a $1 billion dollar team.

"I'm excited about that. Can you imagine how awesome it's going to be when we can make a billion dollar game, and doing that's a great decision because that's where the market is.

"Think about how crazy these simulations are going to get. And then someday we'll be living in the Matrix, or the Holodeck, and I'm gonna be writing the software. We're not even close to what's possible. We're in the stone ages, man."

Talking of games that suck, Gearbox's most recent title, of course, was last year's abysmal Duke Nukem Forever.

Martin slapped a 4/10 on it when he reviewed it, calling it "one of the most lacking, uninspired, and outright inadequate games of our times".

But do you agree with Pitchford that bigger budgets and improved technology will lead to better games? Do you think the industry is still in the stone ages? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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User Comments

CheekyLee's Avatar


Spouting the same stupid maxims that once nearly killed the industry. When will these fools learn that imagination, creativity, and ingenuity are the best building blocks to make a game from, and that they don't require such massive price tags?

Throughout any creative medium it has been the little guys that moved it forwards, and the big guys then copy and add sparkle. Just pumping a billion dollars at a game without having a genuine reason to beforehand will lead to a billion dollar failure. Bigger is not always better.
Posted 09:11 on 31 May 2012
munkee's Avatar

munkee@ dudester

I didn't see that coming.

For some reason it made me think of this. It's unrelated but made me giggle, because I'm childish.
YouTube Video
Posted 22:23 on 30 May 2012
Clockpunk's Avatar


Borderlands 2 has a *lot* to live up to...
Posted 22:12 on 30 May 2012
dudester's Avatar

dudester@ munkee


Count your pennies dude ;)
Posted 22:07 on 30 May 2012
munkee's Avatar


It's a ridiculous argument. When development costs are in $500million territory, then I dread to think what the costs to purchase the game will be for a consumer. This will damage the industry even more because only the Call of Duty franchise will be able to recoup It's expenditure.

"Games suck, frankly. Compared to where they could be, all games suck."

Most things suck compared to where they could be. Where are flying cars and food replicators? Why can't I take vacations on Mars?
Posted 20:56 on 30 May 2012
altaranga's Avatar


"Games suck, frankly. Compared to where they could be, all games suck."

Don't tar the entire industry with your brush, Bitchford. Whilst it is arguable that all games could be better than they are I cannot agree that they all suck. If you believe that games are all about big money budgets then you are a penis. A $1b Duke Nukem Forever is still likely to be a piece of sh!t.
Posted 19:11 on 30 May 2012
Hooded's Avatar


Stupid thing to say really, yeah games could be better, we are getting there. I don't see his games doing anything revolutionary. Some of his studio games are great, but nothing revolutionary.
Posted 19:05 on 30 May 2012
stealth's Avatar


hes an idiot
Posted 18:55 on 30 May 2012
FantasyMeister's Avatar


At the moment I'm playing Dragon's Dogma on 360. Now if I give Randy $1bn and the right technology and he builds me a Matrix version of Dragon's Dogma with it I would still be hesitant, because after working a full night shift the last thing I'm going to want to do is run around and kill 5 rabbits for a quest.

Unless of course that $1bn injection includes unlimited stamina and no chance of feeling exhausted afterwards. Considering it takes a couple of decades to bring a new drug to market, and here we're talking about mind-altering experiences that are still on the drawing board, then I dispute the fact that Randy will be around to write the software by the time the tech becomes available.

Then of course the damage a minor glitch could do doesn't bear thinking about.

Kudos for his vision though.
Posted 17:38 on 30 May 2012

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