ps4 controller1 -
ps4 controller1 -

Sony has revealed pricing for day one PS4 peripherals, the DualShock 4 Wireless Controller and PlayStation Camera.

The updated controller will set UK gamers back a pretty steep £54, around £15 more than the current asking price of a DualShock 3. The pad will be available only in Jet Black at launch.

The PlayStation Camera, also in Jet Black, will be available at £44.

The PS3 console will cost £349.

Microsoft is yet to announce pricing for its Xbox One controller, but all consoles include Kinect.

Source: Press release

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Neon-Soldier32's Avatar


It's well known that Sony make their profit on accessories and games and a DualShock 3 retails for £30-£35.

I think that this sort of price was to be expected I mean, no one knows that the price of the Wii U remote is, but I'd bet it's higher than this.

And for £55 it seems to have a lot of functionality. I think I'll die a little inside though each time I drop it on the floor!

I can't see Microsoft's pad being anywhere near this price, however. From them I'd expect £30-40.
Posted 13:26 on 12 June 2013
guyderman's Avatar


Posted 13:24 on 12 June 2013
Llamazoid's Avatar


I've never had to spend anything over £25 on a controller. £54 seems very steep.
Posted 13:21 on 12 June 2013
pblive's Avatar


Placeholder...I hope.
Posted 12:47 on 12 June 2013
dav2612's Avatar


Seems a bit costly to me.
Posted 11:42 on 12 June 2013
AlecRoss's Avatar


Does DualShock 4 have six-axis or are Sony binning that idea?
Posted 11:35 on 12 June 2013