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What we think we know about the next generation Xbox has been turned on its head with new rumours which state that, while the console will always be connected, this won't be a requirement to play games.

Regular source of next generation information, VGLeaks, has posted the information, alleging that Microsoft plans to launch two new Xbox consoles: the next generation machine and a cheaper disc-less Xbox Mini.

The next-generation Xbox will always be online, much in the same way a PC or phone can be permanently connected to a network. But importantly this won't be a requirement for playing games, claims the report. In addition the console won't block used games.

Try to play an Xbox 360 title in the new Xbox and you'll be out of luck, however, but this is where the Xbox Mini comes in. The Mini is designed to be a disc-less media device to compete with Apple TV, but will also feature Xbox 360 gaming capabilities by downloading software over LIVE. However, connect the Mini to the next Xbox and disc-based Xbox 360 games will be playable.

The next Xbox will also feature the media capabilities of the Mini.

Existing Xbox 360 owners won't be able to connect this console to the next Xbox to enable backwards compatibility because of differences in the external interface.

The split functionality of the next Xbox and the Mini means Microsoft can price the units competitively, the Mini likely to retail under $149 whilst the next Xbox will be inline with the PS4.

The rumour concludes that all this will be announced by Microsoft in May or June, with the April date pushed back to ensure physical devices are ready to show. Analysis

If the next Xbox launches and doesn't require an always-online connection to play games, would this change your opinion of the console? Likewise, is the idea of buying an add-on to enable backwards compatibility appealing if it keeps the cost down?

Source: vgleaks

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headless_sky's Avatar

headless_sky I don't know where this fits in with the always-online thing. My favourite line in it is "Microsoft issued a tersely worded statement about the incident but did not reference the console."

Because maybe if they don't mention it people will still think it won't definitely be announced in the near future.
Posted 17:37 on 11 April 2013
MJTH's Avatar


Nice to see the Nextbox have a positive rumour for once. As for the media box Xbox Mini, there was another rumour this week which kind of falls in line with this rumour about the xbox mini. Except in that rumour the digital only cheaper xbox devices plans had been put on hold. I wouldn't be surprised if this was true.
Posted 16:23 on 11 April 2013
Clockpunk's Avatar


Since my partner discovered Lovefilm, I would say a good 50% of the 360's on-time is now on that service. Likewise, my Friends list is frequently dominated by Skyplayer and Netflix.

The convenience of access for these services has been a shrewd addition to the consoles this generation.
Posted 16:14 on 11 April 2013
munkee's Avatar


I want a games machine. A machine that plays games. I don't care about backwards compatibility, or media services. I don't want it to read my mind and change channel while I'm not looking. I want it to greet me with a *bing* and a *whiiirrrr*, then sit there happily as I poke a disc in it's little mouth hole allowing me to kick back simply waiting for my game to load. I like video games.
Posted 15:58 on 11 April 2013


Sounds like it'll need to be always on to use the entertainment stuff (which I'm sure will be a big focus for MS), in the same way as your Sky box for example. Which would make sense.
Posted 14:56 on 11 April 2013
Bloodstorm's Avatar


Maybe they revised thier hardware after seeing how much everyone hated the idea? I don't blame them either, releasing an always online console is business suicide.
Posted 14:50 on 11 April 2013
Endless's Avatar


It's about time someone quelled some rumours. Also the news that Orth and his blabber mouth is no longer at the company further strengthens the debunking of the always-on-to-play games rumour.

How it reads to me now is that the device will always have access to an internet connection even when on standby or 'turned off' presumably to do system updates and game updates in the background. etc.

MS still has a lot to prove to convince people though I think. The PS4 offering is exceptionally strong with hardly any negatives or down points.
Posted 14:44 on 11 April 2013
bloody27's Avatar


"Existing Xbox 360 owners won't be able to connect this console to the next Xbox to enable backwards compatibility because of differences in the external interface."

Why would anyone want to conect x360 to new xbox to play the x360 games?! that's stupid.

finally a "good" rumour about the nextbox.
Posted 12:42 on 11 April 2013


Connecting 2 devices to play discs? Reminds me of the HD-DVD drive I have sitting here next to me.
Posted 10:48 on 11 April 2013
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