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Speaking today at the Develop Conference in Brighton, Silicon Knights founder Denis Dyack has boldly claimed that a single platform future for the video games industry is inevitable.

In a session titled, "Design: Video Games as The Eighth Art" Dyack said the video game industry must follow the movie industry and adopt a universal medium on which games are played.

"Because we have the three consoles we're in this really weird state," said Dyack. "The cycle right now for movies has become pretty well established. For video games it's become hyperbolic almost. There were 300 or so games released last November. We're in a state of performance over supply. We're making more games than consumers can possibly consume. Marketing is having a disproportionate effect over the success of games because there's so many out there people are ignoring us. Sometimes it doesn't matter if your game's good or not; if you don't have that marketing support it won't happen."

Dyack continued: "In order for us to get into a cycle similar to films and movies we have to go to a universal media where this is what plays your video game, whether it be Cloud Computing, OnLive or some other system like Dave Perry is talking about, it really doesn't matter. We need to get to a point where we have one medium you can play the games on. Right now we've got five or six.

"If you look at the film industry there's only one projector. It's a pretty universal form of, how am I going to show this film? We don't have that in the video game industry right now. We have to move in that direction. I would like to see it personally, but we'll see. Console manufacturers would be somewhat unhappy.

"We're being slowed down a lot by the multiple consoles."

Questioned if a single platform future could ever become a reality, Dyack said it is "inevitable".

"The value of technology is becoming less and less significant compared to the games that are on it. It's costing hardware manufacturers more and more to do research and development. Video game publishers are having a harder and harder time making money," he said.

"If you look at the split right now, Nintendo is doing very well, Xbox is doing really well, Sony's not doing as well. No-one knows for sure where to dedicate their development resources to. Back in the old days when Nintendo was dominant, it was close to monopolistic, but at least if you made a game for a Nintendo console you knew you were getting about 80 or 90 per cent market penetration. These days it's a real gamble.

"The market forces are eventually going to overturn, or the publishers are going to start going out of business and no-one's going to be making games, until someone stands up and says look we're going to have one universal console, it's what it has to be, we don't want three copies or three different versions of the same game, we don't want to have something special for this controller, or some special character for this downloadable platform, we just want to make our game and we want to make money from it and we want, as entertainment developers, to create our one vision. That's eventually what's going to follow because it has to."

Do you agree with Dyack? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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FlogginU's Avatar

FlogginU@ rbevanx

that is just Crazy, PC gaming was in it's prime and lasted threw them all. You don't need competition in gaming, Competition only generates new technology in games, not Sales. Your on the wrong side of the table.

IF you look threw the history of gaming it is PC, and PC has lasted threw each slow time ever recorded, even you 20 somthign year olds lived threw one in 2002!! Developers compete only for technology used. Having a single platform will only push gaming technology to develop faster. Costs of a universal platform such as the computer would become cheaper and more balanced.

Consoles have there place yes, but one thing is for sure with the history landing on PC to save it time and time again, your statement is proven false. Many platforms playing a game, only kills the industry, it doesn't' create competition. Okay maybe it will create competition inside developers minds to stay alive and known, while there favorite console to code on dies. Whats that give them, nothing. and as competition continues, more systems die. When there is one single minded platform that can do a few things well, where does that leave the left overs? If leads to failure. Competition on sales aspects doesn't work in gaming, like that. Face it, Gaming isn't a car, or a line of Credit to buy a house, so don't' treat it as one
Posted 23:44 on 05 August 2011
FlogginU's Avatar


All you guys I gues s have good points but the single one reason that we need more then one console at the moment is simply put like this;

Each Console has it's strong sides. xBox well no one is sure where this strong point is but Imma call RPG, and Strategy Games, PlayStation would be the more violent First Person Shooters because of the technology advances in its graphics engine, Nintendo is Great at bringing people together, so well whats this make of the gaming industry? Poor Marketing and over saturation as the author said.

If we have these 3 systems that are good on 1-2 things, why make every game on every platform? Why shouldn't games excel on platforms they are suited for. RPG and FPS, better suited on the PC, so why have them on Consoles at all. TO me Console is only suitable for Arcade like games PacMan, After Burner, Sonic, Mario, whatever, Consoles play these kind of games better, because well they are built and designed to function on the Game pads better.

Breaking this down more, we have Nintendo, who is obviously the Platformer KING, so sonic games and Mario like games should stick to this. We have Playstation who is good with Environments, so lets take those After Burner like flight simulation/action to that one, and xBox it does environments good and Strategy, so naturally Crash bandicoot like games are well suited here!

So this Doesn't support the topic at all, but what it does do is tell why single platform won't work well with gamers. We want a System that plays our Genre of game best, and Frankly you can't have a single system that does them all well. We could suit with 2 Consoles combining xBox and Playstation together, but Nintendo is in a class of it's own, nothing can actually compete with it, and that is why this lame Cheap but expensive system thrives, because nothing compares to it at all in any way and they never will.

Conclusion Market is Saturated, so lets put certain games on one system and spread them out, save money, make more money, help game styes flourish in the right direction, and have Nintendo, a Combined xBox and PS, and a PC platform that does it all. Doing this games are cheaper per platform, PC gamers can get there cheap $20 games back, Piracy will slow Drastically, consoles can go back to what they were made for and do best sticking to Arcade gaming, and everyone will be happy again.

If you ask me this is the only platforms can Exist, there isn't 4 of them, there is 3. Gamers we play or have a tendency to play certain games and with this in mind a single system isn't' needed.
Posted 23:30 on 05 August 2011
CrustyJockStrap's Avatar

CrustyJockStrap@ renegade

Whats it prove?

We aint robots and we all like our own choices.

As lee may rememebr i was against the whole singlre platform not all that long ago but since our last descustion on Xleague i have some what opened my eyes a but more.

renegade if all this was on all one console you still would only buy the games you want so realy makes no odds for your hate towards nintendo as you would not buy their games.

For me Sega has the best IP's followed by Nintendo and for the IP's i like from both Sony and MS are equal for me.
Posted 23:46 on 17 July 2009


And if that Proves one thing the HD Consoles and PC have the better Range of Both Core and Casual. So get over it.

We can all see you like Nintendo, and you like to Defend its Waggle stick but ill Argue with you till my Face goes Blue but at the end of the day it is my opinion if you want to debate it then go for it.
Posted 20:09 on 17 July 2009


lee you don't have a clue mate. Adoring sony would be one thing. But it is the only Console I own. And no I Dont like Nintendo any more. But ill take

God of war
Little Big planet
and god knows how many more

Star Fox

And as far as Diversity goes Sony has a lot more right now


Racing : GT Motor Storm or Wipeout
Shooter : Killzone Resistance or Metal gear take your pick
Platform : Little Big Planet <3 Sackboy
RTS : Personally cant think of one, But they will Have Under Siege soon apparently but im a PC RTS man and that is where they should stay
RPG : FF (Versus if you want to be picky) White Knight and Demon Souls

Ps Im not going to claim I have a clue about Nintendos best in Genre sure you will correct me

Racing : Mario Kart
Shooter : Metroid
Platform : Mario
RTS : ? No idea
RPG : Again no Idea


Racing : Forza PGR
Shooter : Halo Gears
Platform : Braid I guess
RTS : Halo Wars
RPG : Mass Effect but it is PC too so :)


Racing :
Shooter : Hal-Life CSS Portal I could go on
Platform : God knows
RTS : Stacraft Warcraft Dawn of war
RPG : Loads

There is some of them any way, but at the end of the day. If you Like the Wii and what Nintendo do then more for you. But I will always stick with Xbox Playstation and my beloved PC

What does that prove, well nothing TBH just that I know nothing about Nintendo and I am clearly a PC Playstation Xbox PSP and iPHONE fan boy. What you Gonna do I guess.

Playstation 360 plx :)
Posted 20:07 on 17 July 2009
tomernatorII's Avatar


a few points: yes, there are too many games for people to consume. but when one considers the divisions of the gaming industry into more and more consumer segments, one can understand that games are poorly marketed because marketers are still having a hard time defining these segments. so, in this respect, single console isn't going to solve profit margin for developers, smart (and not necessarily expensive) marketing will.

also, hardcore and casual core console gamers I know also own pcs. If they invest as much money into somewhat equivalent hardware in pcs, then the pc can be a good candidate device to deliver games, in theory. Oh wait! didn't we already try that? bringing pcs to the livingroom ms style and all? so why hasn't it worked? I think the market allowed for multiple consoles because of two human realities:
1) consumers like choices, in almost everything, especially young consumers.
2) choices represent that they can categorically associate emotions and therefore their self image by what they buy. in other words, people want to express themselves with ownership, and when you have 3 consoles that are NOT AT ALL similar when it comes to emotional attachment, this need is satisfied.
Posted 16:02 on 17 July 2009
CheekyLee's Avatar

CheekyLee@ Wido

The reason people generally don't own all three consoles is because you are looking at an outlay of £500-600! Would you rather save up £129.99 for a 360 Arcade, or £40 for Gears 2 on your PS3?
Posted 11:42 on 17 July 2009
Wido's Avatar


Each console has its iconic IPs ;)

Thats where the competition is with consoles. Hence us the consumer buying each console because 'we' want to play that game.

I do agree with Lee that the future gaming will have to follow other entertainment industries.

Owning all 3 consoles is a nostalgia. We like to collect games and the consoles... So I think the current gaming industry as it is will stay like this for sometime. Before people start putting input about 'one console'.

What I don't get is this... People moan that games such as; Gears, Uncharted, Super Mario Galaxy game types like them aren't coming out on there prefered machine. Why don't you save up and buy that console you can play that game? Logical thinking and yes maybe you don't want to but its one way of playing that game than rather sitting there and keep moaning, that your prefered machine doesn't support any games like Gears as of the popularity there is with that game.
Posted 11:29 on 17 July 2009
CheekyLee's Avatar

CheekyLee@ renegade

Originally Posted by renegade
Sony would be sitting Pretty as far as being a game publisher goes lets face it. Out of the three they have the Strongest IP set
I know you adore Sony and hate all things Nintendo, but surely even you must concede that Nintendo's IP set is absolutely untouchable in terms of ... well, anything you wish to measure by! Mario is the most recognisable figure in all of videogames, and is on a par with Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny as a household name. Then you have Pokemon, Zelda, Donkey Kong, Metroid, Kirby, and even all the non-gamey stuff like Brain Training and Wii Fit to take into account. Only SEGA can really lay any sort of claim to coming close.
Posted 10:18 on 17 July 2009


Join in the debate Here!
Posted 08:28 on 17 July 2009


Well if it does happy Sony would be sitting Pretty as far as being a game publisher goes lets face it. Out of the three they have the Strongest IP set now and are one of the most recognized brands around in the Playstation. Microsoft have the biggest pockets. And Nintendo are the family Brand.

So yeh why not have one. But if I pushed you and said what one, it would be a tough call. Because if Nintendo stay as they are. I hope it is not them. But even that said I dont see sony making games for Xbox lol.
Posted 07:28 on 17 July 2009
The_Ace_Of_Aids's Avatar


"slowed down"this coming from the devolpers who took 9 years to make a game only for it to flop quicker than ross kemp at a gay bar.
Posted 01:00 on 17 July 2009
CheekyLee's Avatar

CheekyLee@ rbevanx

Competition in the form of individual games. Hence CDs all working on every player out there, but costing less and less as time goes on. Remember when new albums would cost you £12.99? Those days are long gone.

Try not to think of the single format as made by any one manufacturer, and instead as a standard that all players conform to.
Posted 17:48 on 16 July 2009
Yacaman's Avatar


Videogamer, put your readers to sign up a list of people who want the next console to be 1 console t rule them all.
We will vote. Be the beginners of the revolution!!!! haha. No seriously.
One console for Zelda and Halo and God of War.
One Console for Mario, UNcharted and Gears of War.
Posted 17:30 on 16 July 2009
rbevanx's Avatar


But without competition, the prices would be silly for games. Microsoft or whoever would just charge whatever for a game, if there was no one else against them.
For any market to work you need compertion.
Posted 17:24 on 16 July 2009
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