• Watch us play (and massively spoil) God of War

    Think of this as a spoilercast of sorts. Both Alice and Colm have finished the main story in God of War and have a few things to get off their collective chest. So, if you don't want to know the scores, look away now.

    Posted 2018-04-30T07:57:13Z by Colm Ahern

  • Q&A with someone who's played the new Tomb Raider

    Alice Bell has played 45 minutes of Lara Croft's upcoming game, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, so Colm asked here a ton of different questions about it.

    Posted 2018-04-27T15:24:37Z by Colm Ahern

  • Falling in love with Yakuza

    Colm's 12 month journey with the Yakuza series was a wild one. Kazuma Kiryu, Goro Majima and the rest of the gang reminded him that games could be utterly ludicrous and fun. He loves Yakuza.

    Posted 2018-04-27T13:13:21Z by Colm Ahern

  • We're playing God of War because it's quite popular

    We're playing the new hotness, God of War. We're not showing off any major cutscenes or doing any main story missions, so don't worry about that. Just side stuff today!

    Posted 2018-04-27T08:18:31Z by Colm Ahern

  • We play Detroit: Become Human for the first time

    Colm and Alice play the Hostage mission in the demo for Quantic Dream's new game, Detroit: Become Human, and try to figure out if your choices really do matter.

    Posted 2018-04-24T15:10:47Z by Colm Ahern

  • Killing, crafting, solving puzzles in God of War on PS4 Pro

    Alice gives Colm a look at how Kratos’ return in the brand new God of War fared as they do some shopping, kill some baddies, and throw an axe around like Chris Hemsworth or something.

    Posted 2018-04-19T14:15:27Z by Colm Ahern

  • Is the God of War real or not?

    With Kratos well and truly back, Colm investigates the historical origins of the titular God of War in a brand new Debatable.

    Posted 2018-04-19T14:11:01Z by ColmAhern

  • Watch us become James Bond in SpyParty

    SpyParty is a competitive espionage game about human behavior, performance, perception and deception, its on Steam Early Access, and Colm and Alice are hiding.

    Posted 2018-04-16T08:05:42Z by Colm Ahern

  • Best Far Cry Arcade maps #1

    While Far Cry 5 was only released over two weeks ago, budding game developers have been hammering the map editor and the quality is already at a very high standard. Here are some of the best levels from Far Cry Arcade since launch.

    Posted 2018-04-14T13:45:03Z by Colm Ahern

  • Watch us continue to find A Way Out of prison

    Alice and Colm continue their co-op prison break today as odd couple Vincent and Leo get up to some quick time event mischief, probably, in A Way Out.

    Posted 2018-04-13T07:21:17Z by Colm Ahern