• Project Resistance has us feeling hesitant (evil)

    Project Resistance is an upcoming asynchronous multiplayer game from Capcom, which wears Resident Evil's clothes and pits a four-player team against a single "mastermind" player.

    Posted 2019-12-02T13:59:30Z by Josh Wise

  • Bleeding Edge is like Overwatch meets Power Stone

    Bleeding Edge is the upcoming character-based arena fighter from developer Ninja Theory, and it looks really cool.

    Posted 2019-11-30T16:20:21Z by Josh Wise

  • Pokémon Sword and Shield video review

    Pokemon Sword and Shield is a bold step in a new direction for the series, not without its wrinkles but filled with promise.

    Posted 2019-11-22T17:54:11Z by Josh Wise

  • Layton's Mystery Journey has a talking dog with unreasonably long ears

    Layton's Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaires' Conspiracy is a puzzling, charming, London-set mystery featuring a talking dog who looks upset.

    Posted 2019-11-12T17:24:40Z by Josh Wise

  • Is Shenmue 3 kung-fu Animal Crossing?

    Shenmue 3 is set in a sunny village and features, among other things, turtle racing, wood chopping, and kung-fu; it looks really cool... and maybe slightly boring?

    Posted 2019-11-07T11:38:42Z by Josh Wise

  • The Outer Worlds video review

    The Outer Worlds is a spacefaring action-RPG from Obsidian, filled with shooting, talking, colourful planets, and corporate satire. It's really good.

    Posted 2019-11-05T17:31:36Z by Josh Wise

  • Death Stranding video review

    Death Stranding is a bizarre traversal, stealthy, horror, open-world game from Hideo Kojima. It's indulgent and some of the writing is very clunky indeed, but it's also beautiful and presents a rich, atmospheric world, with some excellent acting.

    Posted 2019-11-05T15:25:25Z by Josh Wise

  • Luigi's Mansion 3 video review

    Luigi's Mansion 3 is a ghost-filled vacuum cleaner physics toy, with wonderful animations and warm humour.

    Posted 2019-11-05T15:05:20Z by Josh Wise

  • VideoGamer Podcast #339 (video version for your eyes)

    Two out of three of us have been playing the latest work from Tom Clancy: Ghost Recon Breakpoint, Colm’s been drawing on the walls of Concrete Genie, and Bully 2 was cancelled in 2013.

    Posted 2019-10-09T07:51:57Z by Colm Ahern

  • Neo Cab video review

    Neo Cab is a captivating exploration of a cyberpunk city, not including the pretty visuals and ambient synth soundtrack. Its satellite stories are gripping, even if the core narrative feels like a detour.

    Posted 2019-10-02T17:14:42Z by Colm Ahern