10th Gen iPad vs 9th Gen iPad (2022)

10th Gen iPad vs 9th Gen iPad (2022)
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Here’s our lowdown on the 10th Gen iPad vs 9th gen iPad. Apple quietly unveiled its 10th Gen iPad, which went on sale on October 26, making the 9th Gen a step behind in the process.

You’d be forgiven for wondering what’s actually different between the 9th and 10th Gen iPads, especially since Apple doesn’t seem to make a big fuss over its release. There’s also a lot of other similar iPad models including the new iPad Pro meaning there’s arguably never been harder to choose the right iPad.

If you’re specifically looking to use your tablet for drawing, WePC have a usfule guide on the best iPad for drawing here.

We’re here to guide you through the key differences between the latest 10th Gen iPad and 9th Gen so that your choice is founded on good knowledge. In this article you’ll find a full break down of the most important specs, plus a more detail comparison between screen resolutions, battery life and camera quality.

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At an entry level price of $449 / £399, the 10th Gen iPad has been marketed as an extremely accessible iPad for users of all backgrounds. This article is going delve into the specs and cost differences between the 9th Gen and 10th Gen iPad, weighing up whether the latest iPad is worth the investment.

With Christmas just around the corner, many will be looking to tablets as potential gifts. Knowing the what’s what and who’s who, is vital to making an informed decision.

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10th Gen vs 9th Gen iPad

There are plenty of similarities between the 9th and 10th Gen iPads, but as any prospective buyer would hope, the differences are significant and promising for the 10th Generation iPad.

We’ll be discussing the ports, speakers, display, camera and more below this table:

Specs10th Gen iPad9th Gen iPad
Display Resolution1640 x 23601620 x 2160
Display Size10.9 inches10.2 inches
ChipsetA14 BionicA13 Bionic
GPUApple GPU (4 core graphics) Apple GPU (4 core graphics)
Memory64GB, 256GB64GB, 256GB
Main Camera12MP, HDR, 4K 8MP, HDR, 1080p
Selfie Camera12MP HDR, 1080p12 MP, HDR, 1080p
SoundNo 3.5mm Headphone jackHeadphone jack
Battery lifeBetween 9-10 hours, depending on usageUp to 9 hours, depending on usage
USBUSB Type-C 2.0, DisplayPort, Magnetic connectorLightening, USB 2.0, Magnetic connector

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Hardware: 10th Gen iPad vs 9th Gen iPad


As seen in the table above, the 10th Generation iPad has a slightly larger display and a higher resolution than the 9th Gen iPad. When you pair this with the 10’s other trumping features its more powerful performance and Magic Keyboard Folio, we can conclude that the 10th Gen iPad is a stronger device for productivity.


At long last Apple has given the 10th Gen iPad a USB-C port, making it on par with Apple’s other releases. Whilst you do miss out on a headphone jack, which is definitely annoying but not surprising from Apple, the 10th Gen iPad looks like the better long term investment since Apple seems to be transitioning towards USB-C across most of its devices.


The 10th Gen front facing camera has considerably upgraded itself meaning if you’re planning on having a lot of videocalls then this might be the better option. That being said, the 9th Gen iPad definitely does the job, so those on a tighter budget not willing to spend the extra $120 on the newer model will probably be very satisfied with the 9th Gen iPad.


Both the 9th and 10th Gen iPads have high quality speakers, though the 10th Gen does just edge its predecessor in quality. Both tablets speakers are stereo, which is great for watching movies. Overall there is not much to separate the two in terms off speakers, both excel in this area.

Price difference: 10th Gen iPad vs 9th Gen iPad

The starting price for the 10th Generation iPad is $449, whereas the 9th Gen iPad is $120 cheaper at $329. For some, there really isn’t much between the prices, making the 10th Gen iPad the more worthy investment. However, now that the 9th Gen iPad is out the spotlight and a slightly older model, you could be getting it for a discounted price during the holiday sales period, if you’re a savvy buyer.

10th Gen iPad vs 9th Gen iPad: Final Word

The 10th Gen iPad is the worthier investment if you plan to use your iPad for years to come. While it is true that there is not a huge gulf between the two, for a respectable price, you’ll get an improved camera, battery life and better display than the 9th Gen iPad.

If you really want to go above and beyond the 9th Gen iPad, why not have a look at the 10th Gen iPad Pro which is also out now, and available at Best Buy here.

10th Gen iPad vs 9th Gen iPad FAQs

Does the 10th Gen iPad (2022) have a headphone jack?

Like the rest of Apple’s recent devices, there is no headphone jack meaning you’ll need a pair of wireless earbuds like the AirPods if you want to listen to music or make calls. 

Where can I buy the 10th Gen iPad 2022?

Check out our article which guides you through all the retailers that are currently offering the iPad 10th Gen for pre order. For the quick answer, head over to Amazon or Best Buy to pre order your iPad 10.