Best screen protector for Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra in 2024 – our top picks

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Finding the best screen protector for Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is an absolute must if you want to keep your phone safe from scratches.

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra has been out for a while now and has proven itself as a brilliant high-end smartphone. It boasts a host of special new features, including a massive 200-megapixel camera. With these, it’s set to be one of the best phones of 2023, which is why you’ll probably be wanting to protect every inch of it from damage.

Best screen protector for Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra at a glance

iVoler 2 pack TPU

Dome Glass Whitestone 2 pack screen protector with liquid dispersion

Milomdoi 9H tempered glass 2 pack

Ringke Privacy Dual Easy Wing S23 Ultra screen protector

Though it’s made with brand new Gorilla Glass Victus 2, some of the strongest materials available for a smartphone, your S23 Ultra is still vulnerable to everyday bumps and scratches. For the best level of protection, you’ll be wanting the best case for the Galaxy S23 Ultra, as well as the best screen protector.

Best overall screen protector for Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra – iVoler 2 pack TPU

iVoler 2 pack TPU

  • Made from tempered glass
  • Protects camera lenses
  • Hard to apply

We’ve chosen the iVolver TPU screen protector because it’s easy to install while providing comprehensive protection for your Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra.

iVolver’s exclusive material breaks through the edges of most TPU protective films, providing edge-to-edge invisible protection for the entire screen. It features 95% tempered glass which is one of the most robust materials used for screen protectors, meaning your Galaxy S23 Ultra will be safe from drops, scratches, and other accidents.

Its camera protector is made from ultra-thin tempered glass with an aluminium edge, effectively protecting the entire lens, while still bringing the original beauty to every photo and video, which is likely a top priority if you have the S23 Ultra as its camera is a far high spec, and there for more valuable vs the S22 Ultra.

It comes with additional tools to aid an easy application, including a non-slip match, cleaning kit, and removal tool.

Best premium screen protector for Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra – Dome Glass Whitestone 2 pack screen protector with liquid dispersion

Dome Glass Whitestone 2 pack screen protector with liquid dispersion

  • Great protection
  • Repairs scratches
  • Expensive

Dome Glass’ screen protector uses exclusive liquid dispersion technology that helps provide one of the most seamless screen protectors we’ve seen.

The screen protector is made from patented liquid glass. When it is applied, it evenly disperses over the entire screen, including existing minor scratches and cracks before hardening to create an impenetrable edge-to-edge barrier. Impressively, this repairs the appearance of former cracks and imperfections, making it an ideal choice if your S23 Ultra has already endured a few knocks.

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At the same time, Dome Glass supports a surprisingly sensitive touch response, meaning ultrasonic recognition is performed without any delay at the moment of touch, making it an ideal choice for mobile gamers. It’s also a worthy candidate to use alongside the S Pen.

Our one caveat is that you’re paying considerably more for this screen protector, though this is potentially worth it if you’ve just shelled out $1,200 on a premium phone.

Best value screen protector for Samsung S23 Ultra Milomdoi 9H tempered glass 2 pack

Milomdoi 9H tempered glass 2 pack

  • Great price
  • 9H tempered glass
  • Fiddly to apply

One badly timed drop and your phone could be kaput, forcing you to go for one of the best S23 alternatives. Milodomoi’s 9H tempered glass protector is an easy choice to prevent this and ticks all the boxes you need from a screen protector.

Featuring a true 9H tempered glass, this screen protector compliments the S23 Ultra’s OLED display. It provides excellent support for S Pen, biometric scanner and more while protecting the display from accidental scratches and bumps.

It also has comprehensive camera protection made from tempered glass. We love that it offers comprehensive protection without affecting the quality of the camera. For example, the black acrylic perfectly supports the use of flash and does not affect the camera’s night mode function.

Overall, it’s a quality, affordable choice that will provide great protection to your Galaxy S23 Ultra.

Best privacy guard screen protector for S23 Ultra – Ringke Privacy Dual Easy Wing

Ringke Privacy Dual Easy Wing S23 Ultra screen protector

If privacy is important to you, getting a screen protector such as this one can protect both your information and your phone screen.

This case covers protection well with its EPU coasting carrying self-healing properties and protection against scratches and smudges. It’s also designed with wings on either side, meaning the protector extends around the edges of your device for increased protection.

This film also has a privacy filter function that obscures your phone screen from prying eyes. It achieves this by limiting to viewing angles that the screen is visible from. At 28 degrees visibility is reduced and then completely obscured at 40 degrees.

This will ensure your data is concealed when on your phone in public, while not limiting functionality for yourself.

Frequently asked questions

Is Gorilla Glass Victus 2 good?

Gorilla Glass Victus 2 is some of the strongest available on any smartphone. This means it can survive drops onto tougher surfaces like concrete from over 3 feet. We’d still say it’s worth getting a screen protector though since it’s easy to pick up scratches in your pockets or from general use.

Is Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra waterproof?

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra supports IP68 water and dust resistance meaning it can survive submersion in up to 1.5 meters of fresh water for up to 30 minutes.

Does the S23 Ultra need a screen protector?

Though Gorilla Glass Victus is very strong, a screen protector will protect your phone from everyday scratches. It will also give you peace of mind if you’re worried about damaging your phone.

Does S23 Ultra come with a screen protector?

No, unfortunately, you’ll have to buy one separately.

Is a tempered glass screen protector worth it?

Yes – tempered glass is one of the best materials for a screen protector. It’s both strong and thin, meaning it provides good protection without adding affecting the function of the fingerprint scanner.

Which is better TPU or tempered glass?

Tempered glass is definitely the superior option, providing comprehensive protection and a premium feel. TPU meanwhile is better suited to slightly curved phones because it’s soft.

Can you make a screen protector sticky again?

Unfortunately, at the time of writing, there is no way to re-stick a glass screen protector. We do not recommend adding any kind of adhesive to attempt to re-stick the glass as this may hinder performance and damage the phone.

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