Best power supply for gaming PC 2024 – our top PSU picks

Best power supply for gaming PC 2024 – our top PSU picks
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One of the often last thought about parts it’s still important, so what is the best power supply for gaming PC in 2024? There are plenty of considerations as to what makes one or what is needed in one of the PSUs. As one of the components connecting the rest, it is an important part of your build and a reliable one is necessary for prolonged usage.

One of the main deciding factors is the wattage of your build. You need a sufficient amount for your PC components, in particular, the GPU and CPU are the biggest consumers and will dictate how much you need. In general, the models are the same over the different powers and so you’re likely to find a good selection for your build.

There is a selection of Corsair, Seasonic, and Thermaltake options. They range in budget, reliability and features available. Each of which might have a different factor for you to choose from. So we see what differences they offer and why you might consider them.

Best power supply for gaming PC

  1. Corsair RM850x
  2. Seasonic PRIME TX-1000
  3. Thermaltake Toughpower GX2 600W

Best overall power supply for gaming PC – Corsair RM850x

Corsair RM850x

Corsair RM850x


149 x 149 x 86 mm

80 PLUS Certification





Fully modular

  • Reliable and popular option
  • Gold efficiency standard
  • Fully modular design
  • A bit more of a premium price

We have selected Corsair’s highly acclaimed RMX-series PSU, the RM850x, as our top choice for gaming. It also features top of our list of the best 850W PSUs This upgraded version offers several improvements over its predecessor, including a more compact design and a quieter fan profile.

With its 850W capacity, the Corsair RM850x provides more than enough power for high-end gaming builds. It boasts impressive efficiency ratings, achieving 80+ Gold and ETA-A certifications, while also receiving LAMBDA-A+ certification from Cybenetics. The RM850x operates at a maximum noise level of approximately 15 dBa, making it an excellent choice for silent-focused builds, especially when combined with the Zero RPM fan mode and careful consideration of power requirements.

The RM850x PSU features full modularity, equipped with two EPS connectors, six PCIe connectors, and 10 SATA connectors. While full modularity may not be a significant selling point, it simplifies the building process and eliminates the need for hard cable management of unused cables often encountered with non-modular PSUs.

Whether you seek ample power for a silent gaming PC or require reliable performance for a high-end gaming rig, the Corsair RM850x is a dependable choice that will meet your needs.

Best power efficient power supply for gaming PC – Seasonic PRIME TX-1000

Seasonic PRIME TX-1000


170 x 150 x 86 mm

80 PLUS Certification





Fully modular

  • Titanium certification means running it is cheaper than other options
  • 12 Year warranty means it will last you a while or can be replaced
  • Very quiet operation
  • High initial cost of purchase

Despite the Seasonic PRIME TX series being among the top-tier power supplies available, its substantial cost and high wattage may not make it the go-to choice for avid gamers. While it may not clinch the number one spot, it remains an undisputed contender among the finest high-end PSUs.

The Seasonic PRIME TX PSU, with its 1000W capacity, exceeds the needs of most top-end systems. However, it becomes a rational choice for those needing above 800W, given its remarkable Titanium level efficiency, cool running at full power, and its almost silent performance. The PRIME TX-series spans PSU models from 600W up to our showcased 1000W model and has achieved notable ETA-A+ efficiency and LAMBDA-A++ noise levels according to Cybenetics. The most commendable aspect of this PSU is its quiet operation, maintaining under 15 dBa overall. This tranquil performance is attributed to its exceptional efficiency, further enhanced by hybrid fan control.

The TX-1000 is fully modular, reducing mess in your case and simplifying the process of powering your system. It includes two EPS connectors for more power-demanding systems and two SATA 3.3 compatible connectors. Except for the most power-intensive gaming PCs, the Seasonic PRIME TX-1000 is a solid choice, exemplifying a balance of power and efficiency that places it among the elite PSUs.

Best budget power supply for gaming PC – Thermaltake Toughpower GX2 600W

Thermaltake Toughpower GX2 600W


150 x 86 x 140 mm

80 PLUS Certification






  • Low on price and wattage offers good value if it’s sufficient
  • No cable modularity limits your build quality and options

Now when it comes to powering your system on a budget you still want to have areliable source. So with a Gold rating, the Thermaltake Toughpower GX2 is a good option to go for if you’re after a budget and if 600W is enough for your system.

You do cut down on some of the available features in the power supply, but it still is a good option to for. It doesn’t have a modular connector so you’re stuck with what you’re given, it can be a bit of a mess and the ketchup and mustard cables aren’t too great to look at. It does still offer a quiet 120mm fan in it to not be too inconvenient.

Best SFF power supply for gaming PC – Corsair SF750

Corsair SF750


100 x 63 x 125 mm

80 PLUS Certification



750 W


Fully modular

  • Small compact size that can fit into smallest cases
  • A platinum efficiency is great for running price
  • Efficiency and price increase cost for the Wattage

Now for the smaller compact size, you’d want to have SFF PSU option. These are a lot smaller and capable of fitting into something like a mini-ITX case or similar. The Corsair SF750 is a good choice of power supply.

With a platinum efficiency, it also means it doesn’t run too expensive after it has been purchased for a significant cost. It is a fully modular size that allows for the optimal usage of your space. And it means it doesn’t take up more room either. With 3 PATA, 2 EPS, 8 SATA, and 4 PCIe connectors.

Best power supply for gaming PC – things to consider

Identifying the optimal gaming PSU can be a challenging task due to the plethora of choices available, making the selection process quite complex. From determining the appropriate wattage to understanding the concept of efficiency, not to mention the element of modularity, it can get overwhelming. Fear not, this section aims to simplify these considerations, enabling you to make an informed choice best suited for your PC.


Regardless of the budget or user requirements, the significance of quality cannot be overstated.

The primary role of a PSU is to provide your high-value components with the necessary power. Substandard power supplies could exhibit poor efficiency, and create unwarranted noise resulting from coil vibrations or subpar fan construction. Additionally, low-cost power supplies might come with thinner metal housing, which can transmit vibrations to the PC case. Therefore, it’s essential to opt for dependable and robust power supplies that come with solid warranties.

With this context, the products recommended in this article represent reputable PSU manufacturers known for their quality, energy efficiency, and substantial warranties.

Passive vs. Semi-Passive PSU

Although modern power supplies are highly efficient, they’re not flawless and can generate some heat. A passive PSU, also known as a fanless PSU, employs large heatsinks and superior efficiency for cooling. Without any moving parts, a fanless PSU offers genuinely silent operation and is ideal for low-power setups.

On the other hand, semi-passive power supplies, often called hybrid PSUs, utilize fan profiles or zero fan modes to activate only when necessary. This means the PSU fan operates at idle until a specific load percentage is reached, triggering the fan to spin. The percentage threshold varies among models, but in many cases, the PSU remains silent until about 40% load is attained.

Efficiency ratings

The efficiency rating signifies the effectiveness of your PSU in managing power. Greater efficiency translates to lower power consumption and reduced heat production. The 80+ certification is a standard in the industry, although Cybenetics is trying to revolutionise the space.

These give a brief understanding of the efficiency and how much of the AC power input is put out as DC energy so you’re not wasting your money. A bronze power supply is more inefficient than a titanium or platinum option.

Determining Wattage

It’s crucial to calculate the total wattage required by the gaming PC you’re planning to assemble. If the desired PSU barely meets your power requirements, it’s advisable to opt for one with higher wattage to prevent potential bottlenecks and allow room for future upgrades. However, many users often overestimate their system’s PSU wattage needs. Hence, it’s best to add up all your component’s TDP and find the recommended wattage.

PSU Modularity

Modularity mainly influences the building process and airflow, but it doesn’t affect your PC gaming experience unless you’re meddling with your PC.

Semi and Full Modular systems offer considerable convenience. They also enhance airflow, which is due to the absence of redundant cables cluttering the unused space within the case. It’s highly recommended to choose full-modular or semi-modular power supply, regardless of your budget.

The available connectors can also change with the different models. And if you have a new Nvidia RTX 40 graphics card, you might need a 12/16-pin connector. This means you don’t need an adapter for these and the power supply unit is enough, for fewer failure points.

Form factor

One of the other things about your hardware is where you’re fitting it. If you’re planning a small ITX or smaller build, you’re likely after an SFX PSU rather than a full ATX power supply. They still have the same Watts available but come at a higher price usually.

Final word

Now for you’re after the best power supply for gaming PC there are plenty of options to choose from. Going for a fully modular PSU to help your build quality, or one with a new 12VHPWR connector for your high-end graphics cards there are plenty of options to pick from. Maybe even RGB lighting is more of a priority for you.

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