Can you play Overwatch 2 with a controller on PC?

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If you want to know can you play Overwatch 2 with a controller, then we’re going to answer that very question right here.

Overwatch 2 has been out for a few months now and is showing no signs of dwindling in popularity. It is a game that is built around player-versus-player combat. As a result, it rewards quick and precise reaction times, as well as high levels of accuracy. This means that what input device you choose to go for can have a huge effect on your ability within the game, and therefore how much you enjoy it.

The debate between keyboard and mouse play versus controllers is endless and not something we will be getting into here. What can’t be denied, however, is that there is a large number of players out there, gaming on PC, who prefer using controllers in certain, or all, circumstances. The good news is that, with Overwatch 2, Blizzard has accommodated this.

You have a good range of freedom of what controller you want to use as well, though some do work better than others.

What controller works best to Play Overwatch 2 on PC?

If you want to have the smoothest set-up possible, playing with either an Xbox Series X or S controller is your best bet. This is because Xbox and Windows are both Microsoft products so they have great compatibility.

Because of this compatibility, when the controller is paired to your computer, either by plugging it in or through Bluetooth, Overwatch 2 will recognise it automatically. The game will then map the default controller inputs to it, as well as change the keyboard icons to the controller ones.

From there you can then re-map your inputs yourself, if you have a different preferred button layout.

There is a range of other controllers that work with Overwatch 2 on PC, though, for many of these, you may have to manually map every input, as Overwatch won’t recognise what kind of controller it is. This includes PlayStation DualShock controllers and 8BitDo Pro controllers.

Frequently asked questions

Does Overwatch 2 have aim assist on PC with a controller?

Unfortunately, aim assist is not available for PC players on Overwatch 2, even if they are playing with a controller.

Do all Steam games work with a controller?

In theory, every Steam game should work with a controller. This is because the inputs are recognised and interact with the game as though they are from a keyboard and mouse. However, sometimes a glitch or bug can stop the controller from working with the game correctly.

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