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Tom Orry Tom Orry

Tom Orry


Editorial Director

Tom is one of the original progenitors of VideoGamer. He's often described as 'alright', and is notionally in charge of most other members of staff. His hobbies include being extremely deadpan, competing vicariously with his twin brother James via the medium of their children, and Football Manager. Tom is surprisingly excellent at pool.

David Scammell David Scammell

David Scammell


Deputy Editor

When Dave isn't looking into the next big news story he's pre-ordering so many games he often forgets what he's bought. He also has the worst taste in games in the VG office.

James Orry James Orry

James Orry


Content Editor

In his younger years James was so good at games he held one of the fastest times in the country for Koopa Troopa Beach on Mario Kart 64. He then quit playing for reading press releases.

Alice Bell Alice Bell

Alice Bell


Content Editor

Alice is the most arrogant member of the VideoGamer team, reminding everyone daily that she brings the 'cool'. She also loves board games, officially the most uncool thing ever created. She likes Dragon Age a little too much.

Colm Ahern Colm Ahern

Colm Ahern


Content Editor

Colm is also new! Description to follow Sams...

Sam Riley Sam Riley

Sam Riley


Junior Content Editor

Sam is new! Silly description coming shortly...

Simon Miller Simon Miller

Simon Miller


Senior Contributor

A man so big he is often mistaken for an end of level boss, Simon's love of video games is only rivalled by his life-long obsession with WWE and a need to consume all the protein in the world.

Adam McCann Adam McCann

Adam McCann


Managing Director

After coding himself a human body to manifest his A.I, Adam dominated the world of Unreal Tournament. He also invented the word 'Pwn' by removing 2 letters from 'Prawn'.